Animal Photo Collections

For Computer Desktop Wallpaper and Screen Savers

Below are our range of exclusive animal photo collections, optimised for use as desktop wallpaper and/or screen saver pictures. Each collection contains 20 different pictures; click on the 'View Pictures' button beside each collection below to see what pictures that collection contains, and click on the adjacent 'Buy Now' button to add the collection to your order. See below for further details of what each collection contains, and how to order.

The following animal photo collections are available:

Collection Contents

Each collection contains 20 different pictures, each included as separate files in JPEG (.jpg) format for a range of common screen sizes (in pixels):

  • 640 x 480
  • 800 x 600
  • 1024 x 768
  • 1152 x 864
  • 1280 x 1024

The collections are available as downloadable files or by mail order on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The CD/DVD collections also include both JPEG and Windows bitmap (.bmp) versions of each picture, the latter format being suitable for older versions of Windows that are unable to use the JPEG format as desktop wallpaper.


Our collections are priced at just £4.95 each, for both download and mail order versions. If you opt for the mail order versions, there will be an additional charge of £2.95 per order (for any number of collections) to cover production, postage and packing. If you order more than one collection by mail order, they will be supplied combined onto a mimimum number of discs - we can usually fit 3 collections on a single CD, or 8 on a DVD.

Note: The CD/DVD postage rates above are for UK deliveries only; please contact us for overseas delivery information.

How to Pay

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, or through your Paypal account if you have one, you can do so online through our Paypal account. CD/DVD orders may also be ordered by post, and paid for by cheque; simply supply us with:

  • Name and address to send your collections to
  • List of your chosen photo collections (as described above)
  • Indication of whether you want your collection(s) supplied on CD or DVD
  • Cheque made payable to 'Aardstorm' for £4.95 x no. of collections + £2.95

Please send your order to:

16 Winchester Close
WS15 4TP

We are unable to accept payment by any form of credit or debit card for orders placed by post.


For all orders paid online, including those for supply on CD/DVD, your chosen collections will be available for download as soon as the online payment process is complete. Any CDs or DVDs you order will be dispatched by First Class post within 10 days of us receiving your cleared payment; you will be notified by e-mail once your order has been dispatched.


The files for download are packaged into standard ZIP format files containing all of the JPEG files for the collection. To assist non-broadband users, separate ZIP files are also provided containing all of the pictures for a single screen size. Recent versions of mainstream operating systems include facilities for extracting the individual files as standard, but users of older or unusual systems may also need some form of extraction utility to gain access to the individual picture files.

You should be able to access the downloads page any time within 100 days after your order and still be able to access all of the collections you have ordered. The 100-day period will also be refreshed each time you visit that page. For this feature to work – and the whole online ordering process too – you will need to have cookies enabled on your computer, for this site at least. You will also only be able to access your downloads using the computer (and probably also user account) that you used to place your order.


This site uses cookies to implement the online ordering and download facilities for our photo collections. These facilities will therefore only work if your PC/web browser is configured to allow this site to use cookies. Warning messages will appear here and on the order form pages if this site appears to be blocked from using cookies.

Warning: Your PC/browser does not appear to allow this site to use cookies. Our online ordering process therefore will not work, including orders for delivery on CD/DVD. Please either allow us to use cookies, or send us your order by post, for delivery on CD/DVD.

The cookies we use to implement this feature simply store identification codes that allows us to keep track of your order as you move from page to page while choosing your collections, together with which collections you have purchased and are entitled to download. To protect your privacy, no other information about you is stored, either in the cookies or on our server. For more information on how this site uses cookies, and how you can control them, please see the separate cookies description page.


Instructions for installing the pictures on your computer as either desktop wallpaper or a screen saver are included with each downloadable ZIP package and CD / DVD. A copy of these instructions is also available here.


The copyright in all of the pictures in each collection is retained by the original photographer. By purchasing a collection you are purchasing a licence that gives you the right to personally view those pictures and copy them in strictly limited ways. All other use, copying, reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited. A copy of this licence, containing the full terms and conditions under which you may use the pictures in a collection, is supplied with each collection, and is also available here.