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News Archive

Below are the news reports for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Details

Birth: 17 July 2012

A female baby Grevy's Zebra has been born, the first for mum Henna.

Birth: July 2012

A total of 10 Yemen Chameleons have been born over the last few weeks.

Birth: June 2012

A litter of European Lynx kitten triplets, all female, have been born, to parents Maja and Timo, their second litter.

Birth: 21 May 2012

European Moose twin calves called Toffee and Caramel have been born, to mum Melker, her second set of offspring, having given birth to a single calf, Chocolate, last year.

Birth: May 2012

A female Bennett's Wallaby joey called Tilly has been born. Now 7 months old, she was abandoned by her mother a month ago and is being hand-reared by a keeper. Once old enough, she will join the other hand-reared Wallabies, Ruby, Pip and Fidget, on the Children's Farm.

Birth: May 2012

A baby Saki Monkey has been born, the third for parents Rio and Kos.

Birth: March 2012

A female Bongo calf has been born, to mum Hope.

Birth: December 2011

Two male European Lynx kittens called Rhubarb and Custard have been born, the first for parents Maja and Timo. They were actually born a few weeks ago, but are only now venturing from their den.

Birth: December 2011

A male Asian Elephant calf called Scott has been born, the third for experienced mum Azizah. Despite the longest pregnancy on record at the zoo, the calf is the smallest to have been born there; so much so that keepers were concerned that he might not be able to reach his mother's milk, but he soon learned to stand on tip-toe and has had no problem feeding.

Birth: 14 September 2011

A Common Hippo calf has been born, the first for parents Lola and Hoover. The calf is believed to be female, but this is as yet unconfirmed; in the meantime the youngster has been nicknamed Hula, a combination of its parents' names.

Arrival: July 2011

A 9-year-old male Giraffe called Uno has arrived from Norway, to join the resident group of females.

Birth: June 2011

A baby Pygmy Hippo called Sapo has been born, the first for parents Flora and Tapon.

Birth: 23 May 2011

A male Moose calf called Chocolate has been born, to 2-year-old parents Minnie and Melka. He is the first such calf to be born at the zoo for many years.

Birth: May 2011

A female Wallaby joey called Pip has been born, but has been rejected by her mother and is therefore being hand-reared by a keeper. Once old enough, she will join the other free-roaming animals at the Children's Farm.

Birth: March 2011

A litter of tiny Egyptian Tortoises has been born, to a group that were seized by Customs on their way to the illegal pet trade.

Birth: February 2011

A Red Panda cub has been born, to parents Geri and Peter. The cub was actually born last June, but is only now venturing from the nesting box and thus visible to visitors.

Birth: 16 November 2010

A baby Asian Rhinoceros called Karamat has been born to mum Beluki. She was born breeched and as a result was traumatised and initially unable to suckle properly. Keepers hand-reared her for several days until she started feeding by herself from Beluki.

Birth: 4 October 2010

A baby female Grevy's Zebra has been born, to mum Sabina.

Birth: 31 August 2010

A baby male Greater One-horned Rhinoceros called Ajang has been born, to experienced mum Behin and first-time dad Hugo. Great news for this Critically Endangered species, which is threatened in its native Nepal by poaching and habitat degradation.

Birth: 25 August 2010

Three Ostrich chicks have hatched, the first at the zoo for many years.

Birth: 13 July 2010

A Rockhopper Penguin chick has hatched, the first for parents Rita and Raef. The chick is being reared by keepers, after it made a habit of wandering into the nests of the Humboldt Penguins and thus risked being pecked.

Birth: July 2010

Five Northern Cheetah cubs have been born, the first for mum Dubai and also the first to be born in the UK. Great news for the European breeding programme for this Critically Endangered species, with less than 250 left in the wild. The cubs (3 males and 2 females) have been named Itjane, Sanne, Tiata, Rabaa and Khamssa.

Arrival: 29 June 2010

Lynx, Wolverine, Wild Boar and Moose have arrived, to take up residence in the new Wild Wild Whipsnade exhibit featuring animals that once roamed wild in old England.

Birth: 12 April 2010

A baby male Elephant has been born, the first for mum Karishma.

Birth: March 2010

Silvery Marmoset twins called Tic and Tac have been born to parents Humbug (mum) and Minty (dad).

Birth: 15 September 2009

A male Przewalski foal called Nuruu has been born, to mum Tuuli.

Birth: August 2009

A baby Saki Monkey has been born, the second for parents Rio and Kos and thought to be male.

Birth: July 2009

A female baby Asian Elephant has been born, to mum Kaylee. Great news for this endangered species.

Arrival: June 2009

Maggie, a 2-year-old Red Panda has arrived from Curraghs Wildlife Park, Isle of Man. She was orphaned at 1 month old when her mother died of bone cancer and was then hand-reared by her keeper. She has come to Whipsnade as part of the European breeding programme, to be joined by a suitable male when one can be found.

Arrival: 21 May 2009

William (Billy) the Windsor White Goat has returned to the Children's Farm after 8 years as regimental mascot to the 1st Battalion the Royal Welsh. He will be off-show for 30 days for obligatory health checks before he joins the farm paddock.

Birth: April 2009

Two Highland Cattle calves have been born, to mums Flora and Faye.

Arrival: April 2009

A female African White Rhino has arrived from Germany. A female Onager (wild ass) has also arrived.

Arrival: September 2008

Four male Nubian Goats (2 adults and 2 kids) have arrived from London Zoo's Children's Zoo, which is to undergo major redevelopment.

Birth: 10 July 2008

A baby male Giraffe has been born to mum Savannah (her second).

Update: The baby has now been named Mtoto.

Birth: July 2008

A baby female Przewalski's Horse called Ula has been born to parents Jane and Nicky.

Arrival: 14 June 2008

Four male Meerkats, called John, Paul, George and Ringo, have arrived from London Zoo.

Arrival: June 2008

A young pair of rare Poitou Donkeys called Tizer and Tarka have arrived . This species is unusually large - they grow to the size of Shire Horses - and hairy, and there are only about 600-800 left in the world.

Birth: April 2008

Another male White Rhino calf has been born, to mother Clara.

Arrival: April 2008

A breeding group of six Cheetahs have arrived, to take up residence in the new Cheetah Rock exhibit.

Arrival: April 2008

A group of Gentoo Penguins have arrived, to take up residence in the pool with the existing Rockhoppers and Humboldts.

Arrival: April 2008

Sloth Bears have arrived.

Birth: 17 January 2008

A male Asian Elephant calf has been born, the second for mum Azizah.

Birth: 28 December 2007

A male White Rhino calf has been born, the third for mother Nowana and the 54th for the zoo.

Birth: 5 November 2007

A male Asian One-Horned Rhinoceros has been born to mother Beluki. This is the second of this rare and endangered species to be born at the zoo in less than a year!

Arrival: August 2007

A male Przewalski's Horse called Nikki has arrived from Mautern Zoo, Austria, to join the resident mares Attie, Jane and Tuli as part of the European breeding programme.

Birth: Summer 2007

A total of 126 Corncrake chicks have been raised this year by keepers, and released into the wild at the Nene Washes RSPB reserve near Peterborough.

Birth: 12 June 2007

A baby male Sea Lion called Dominic has been born to parents Salt and Berkley, the first at the zoo for 5 years.

Birth: April 2007

Four Bactrian Camel calves (3 females, 1 male) have been born. Named Genghis, Georgia, Gypsy and Ginny, they were born to mothers Jubilee, Hayley, Clarissa and Sherry.

Birth: 19 January 2007

A female Asian Elephant calf has been born to mum Kaylee.

Birth: 31 December 2006

A female Asian One-horned Rhino calf has been born, the first for mum Behan and also the first at Whipsnade for 17 years.

Birth: 7 October 2006

A baby male Reticulated Giraffe has been born, the first for mother Savannah and the eighth for the Park.

Birth: 20 September 2006

A male Sulawesi (tarictic) Hornbill chick has been born, and has now been allowed out of the nest by his parents. This is the first chick of this species to be born in the UK.

Arrival: August 2006

Karishma, a young (8 year old) female Asian Elephant, has arrived from Twycross Zoo, to join the Park's existing herd and breeding programme.

Arrival: 26 June 2006

A 10-year old male Cheetah called Karsai has arrived from Fota Wildlife Park, County Cork, Ireland. He will hopefully be joined by a female to form a breeding pair.

Birth: 5 June 2006

Four African Lion cubs were born 8 weeks ago and have now joined the rest of the pride in the outdoor enclosure. These are the first successful lion cubs born at Whipsnade for 30 years.

Birth: May 2006

Five Dwarf Mongoose pups have been born, the third litter for mum Squeak..

Open: 1 April 2006

The Jumbo Express, a new full-size steam train ride with commentary through several animal enclosures, is now open. Children under 16 ride free if accompanied by paying adult.

Birth: 20 March 2006

The White-clawed Crayfish introduced last year to the moat around the chimp enclosure have now started to breed. This is Britain's only native species of crayfish, and is endangered in the wild from the crayfish plague carried by introduced species.

Arrival: 6 March 2006

18 critically endangered freshwater turtles, of 6 species from SE Asia, have arrived and taken up residence in a new `Turtle Ark' breeding facility within the Discovery Centre.

Arrival: 21 February 2006

The Bongo herd from London Zoo has arrived, to stay until their new home at the new `Into Africa' exhibit at London Zoo is prepared.

Arrival: 11 January 2006

Two female Argentine Boas have arrived from London Zoo to join the newly refurbished Discovery centre exhibit.


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