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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Paignton Zoo, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Paignton Zoo Details

Arrival: June 2012

Seven East African Nectophrynoides Viviparous Toads have arrived from Durrell Wildlife in Jersey. They are the only Toads of this species held in zoo in the UK, and possibly the world. They have arrived as part of a research programme into the likely affect of climate change on behaviour, but it is also hoped to breed them in the longer term. They can be seen in the Amphibian Ark facility, which has climate-controlled rooms.

Birth: 15 May 2012

Four Asiatic Lion cubs have been born, to parents Indu and Mwamba, their first successful (as of July) litter after several failed attempts.

Birth: 13 May 2012

A baby White Faced Saki Monkey has been born, to parents Carita and Richard. The baby's sex is currently not known, as it is too young to be separated from its mother.

Arrival: May 2012

A group of four male Ring Tailed Lemurs has arrived from West Midlands Safari Park. They were all born at Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park to the same father and two different mothers.

Birth: 27 April 2012

A baby female Kafue Flats Lechwe (a type of Antelope) has been born. Like her half-sister Sethunya, born in May 2010, she is entirely white, but with blue eyes, so she is not a true albino.

Depart: April 2012

The female Nile Crocodile has moved to Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent.

Arrival: April 2012

A pair of Critically Endangered Philippine Crocodiles called Mork and Mindy have arrived from Chester Zoo.

Arrival: April 2012

A male Mangrove Monitor Lizard called Claude has arrived from Paris, having been born 6 years ago in Prague Zoo. He should be joined by a female from Chester Zoo in a few months.

Birth: 17 March 2012

A baby Goeldi's Monkey has been born, to parents Tuff and Herbie. The baby's sex is yet to be determined, as it is too young to be separated from its mother.

Birth: 7 March 2012

A baby Hartmann's Mountain Zebra has been born, to mum Goma. The baby is believed to be male, and he is the fifth of the species to be born at the zoo, and the first for 10 years.

Birth: 14 February 2012

A baby male Rothschild's Giraffe has been born, to parents Janica and Yoda.

Update (March): The baby has now been named Valentino, and he is being hand reared by keepers following rejection by his mother.

Birth: 18 August 2010

A baby Capybara has been born, the first for parents David and Davina.

Depart: 8 July 2010

Bintang, a male Sumatran Tiger who was born last year, has moved to Doue La Fontaine Zoo in Samaur, France, as part of the European breeding programme.

Birth: 19 June 2010

A baby Lesser Malay Mouse Deer has been born, the second for parents Eve and Ralf.

Arrival: 17 June 2010

Manyara, and 8-year-old male Black Rhino has arrived from Port Lypmne Wild Animal Park, to join Sita, the resident 10-year-old female, and hopefully form a new breeding pair as part of the European breeding programme for this endangered species.

Birth: 23 May 2010

A female baby Kafue Flats Lechwe (a type of Antelope) called Sethunya has been born. Unusually she is completely white, due to a recessive gene that occurs only in females, but not a true albino, since her eyes are blue, not pink.

Death: 9 March 2010

Gay the female Asian Elephant has sadly had to be put to sleep. She had been suffering from abscesses on her feet and arthritis. Despite extensive treatments her welfare and quality of life was deteriorating, so this had become the only option.

Birth: 24 February 2010

A baby male Rothschild's Giraffe called Tonda has been born, the first for parents Janica and Yoda.

Birth: 2 February 2010

A baby White-Faced Saki Monkey has been born, the first for parents Carita and Richard.

Birth: 9 December 2009

Three Maned Wolf pups have been born, to mum Maya and dad Smolis

Death: August 2009

Kiri, the 5-year-old Gorilla, has sadly died. He had been ill for several weeks with a suspected bacterial infection (tests proved negative for those of most concern), and appeared to be responding to treatment before suddenly taking a turn for the worse.

Death: July 2009

Kemala the Tiger cub born earlier this year has sadly died. She broke both of her shoulders, presumably as a result of an awkward fall, and it was felt that the operation would be so risky, and recovery so long and difficult, that it was better to put her to sleep instead. The other three cubs, however, are doing well.

Update (August): A post mortem has subsequently shown Kemala to have been suffering from osteoporosis, a weakness of the bones. Two other cubs, Aryo and Surya, have also now broken legs but are recovering, and are therefore suspected to have the same condition, which may be genetic or due to a lack of calcium in their diet.

Birth: 5 February 2009

Four Sumatran Tiger cubs have been born, to parents Tenang and Banda. Mother and cubs will be off-show for about 4-6 weeks to ensure they are not disturbed.

Update: the cubs have now been named: Aryo (male), Bintang (male), Kemala (female), and Surya (female).

Arrival: 8 December 2008

Two young Lowland Gorillas have arrived from Stuttgart Zoo, Germany. Kiri and N'Dowe (pronounced Endover), aged 4 and 5 years are actually brothers of Kiondo, and half-brothers of Kivu, two of the existing bachelor group. This group is part of the European breeding programme for this critically endangered species. It performs the vital function of allowing young males to grow up in a social group before moving on to other groups to take an active part in the breeding programme. The new arrivals will be in quarantine for 6 months before fully joining the group.

Arrival: 17 November 2008

Two young Marabou Storks have arrived from Emmen Zoo, Netherlands, and are currently off-show in winter quarters. The zoo's existing pair are also currently off-show in a new breeding aviary.

A juvenile female Oriental White Stork has also arrived, from the Tierpark, Berlin, as part of the European breeding programme for this endangered species. It is hoped that a second female will also join her, to keep her company until she is old enough to breed.

Depart: October 2008

Kirana, the female Sumatran Tiger born at Paignton in May 2006, has moved to Chester Zoo to start a new breeding group for this highly endangered species. A new male will join her there, as Chester's existing male is too closely related.

Arrival: September 2008

Two female Rothschild's Giraffes have arrived, to join the resident male, Yoda. Janica (3 yrs) came from Durkralove Zoo, Czech Republic, while Sangha (2 1/2 yrs) came from Liberec Zoo, Slovakia.

Arrival: July 2008

A pair of Red River Hogs, called Pablo and Pumba, have arrived from Chester Zoo, in exchange for Rick, Paignton's existing male, who has gone to Chester to form a new breeding group with Pablo and Pumba's daughters.

Death: May 2008

Bulu, the female Bornean Orang Utan and the oldest zoo-bred Orang in Europe, has sadly died. She had been ill for some time but a course of antibiotics had no effect. She was finally put to sleep when it became clear that she was having too much difficulty breathing.

Depart: May 2008

Kingo, the male Black Rhino and father to Zuri who was born just over a year ago, has returned to Port Lympne. It is hoped that he will come back when Sita is ready to mate again.

Depart: 6 March 2008

Five Pygmy Slow Lorises have been moved to zoos across Europe as part of the international breeding programme. They were all bred at Paignton Zoo, and have gone to Zurich Zoo, Switzerland, Amersfoot Zoo, Netherlands, Opole Zoo, Poland, and two to Riga Zoo, Latvia. Paignton still has 10 of this species, 5 of which are on show to visitors, one of the largest collections in Europe. The species is classed as Vulnerable and is under threat from habitat loss. It was also nearly wiped out due to burning and defoliation of forests during the Vietnam War.

Depart: March 2008

Four Maned Wolves, all last year's cubs, are due to move to other zoos: Belfast Zoo, Edinburgh Zoo, Busselengo in Italy, and Szeged in Hungary.

A young Tapir has also gone to Branfere Zoo, Guerno, France.

Birth: 31 December 2007

Twin Pied Tamarin babies have been born, to parents Leia and Jedi. The pair, a male named Chewie and a female named Padme, are being hand reared by keepers after their mother showed signs of neglecting them. This species is the most endangered of the Amazon primates, and is classified as critically endangered.

Depart: Autumn 2007

Mapema the male Western Gorilla has moved to Duisburg Zoo in Germany to start a new breeding group.

Arrival: Autumn 2007

A pair of Bornean Orang Utans, male Demo and female Mali, have arrived from Munster Zoo, Germany. They are now undergoing a 6-month quarantine period and will then join the zoo's existing females, Chinta, Bulu and Gambira.

Birth: 21 September 2007

A Chilean Flamingo has hatched and is being hand-reared by keepers due to its late season arrival. It will be re-introduced to flock in the spring, but in the meantime can be seen while being taken for walks by the keepers.

Birth: Summer 2007

Further rare and unusual birds have bred successfully this year, including: Chilean Flamingos, Giant Wood Rails, Spectacled Owls, a Red-Fronted Macaw, and a Grey-Winged Trumpeter.

Birth: 1 June 2007

A baby male Brazilian Tapir, called Zorro, has been born to parents Misha and Ryan.

Birth: 25 May 2007

A Chilean Pudu (smallest of the deer family) has been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

Two Collared Peccary piglets have been born, to parents Albert and Louise.

Birth: Spring 2007

A clutch of Boa Constrictors have hatched.

Birth: Spring 2007

A variety of bird species have hatched chicks, including: European Eagle Owls, Great Grey Owls, White-Faced Scops Owls, Scarlet Ibis, Red-Billed Blue Magpies, and several exotic thrushes and waterfowl.

Birth: Spring 2007

A baby Emporer Tamarin has been born.

Birth: 5 March 2007

A female Black Rhino calf has been born, the first for the zoo. She has now been named Zuri.

Death: 15 December 2006

Topan, the male Sumatran Tiger cub born in the summer, has sadly died, possibly from a heart condition. Parents Tenang and Banda, and sister Kirana, are all doing well.

Arrival: 16 October 2006

Four orphaned baby Dormice have arrived from Kent for specialist care. Their mother was killed by a cat. Paignton Zoo is part of a national breeding and release programme for the Common or Hazel Dormouse. The four may spend the winter at the zoo, or may be passed on to private breeders.

Arrival: 27 September 2006

A male Rothschild's Giraffe called Yoda has arrived from Givskud Zoo in Denmark. He is the first of the replacements for the three who were killed in the fire in February. It is hoped that two females will join him next year.

Open: 15 September 2006

Paignton Zoo's new Monkey Heights exhibit is now officially open. The project, started in 2003, has been opened to the public in stages, and is now complete. The complex is home to Diana Monkeys, King (Black & White) and Abyssinian Colobus Monkeys, and Sulawesi Crested Black Macaques, together with a variety of small mammals including Tree Shrews, Pygmy Slow Loris, Mouse Deer, Chilean Pudu, Prevost's Squirrel, and Emporer Tamarins.

Depart: 29 August 2006

Sohan the male Asiatic Lion has moved to Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic, to start a new breeding group for this highly endangered species. He was born in October 2003 at Paignton Zoo

Arrival: 29 August 2006

Mwamba, a young male Asiatic Lion, has arrived from Twycross Zoo. He will join Indu, the sister of Sohan who has just left for Ostrava Zoo.

Depart: 21 August 2006

Asato the Gorilla has now moved to Zoo Parc de Beauval, St. Aignan, France, to form a new breeding group with three of the zoo's four females.

Arrival: 21 August 2006

Two young Gorillas, Kivu and Kiondo, both 4 years old, have arrived from Stuttgart Zoo. An older male, Kumbuka, has also arrived, from La Boissiere Du Dore Zoo near Nantes, France. They are all currently undergoing a 6-month quarantine period, but will still be on show to visitors. They will then be gradually introduced to each other and to the zoo's other gorillas.

Birth: 14 August 2006

The Chilean Flamingos have started to hatch. The first arrived on 31 July, and a total of four have hatched so far, with more hopefully on the way.

Birth: 2 August 2006

Two baby Collared Peccaries, a type of small pig from central and South America, have been born, and are doing well.

Debut: 3 July 2006

The two tiger cubs born in May have now made their public debut, and are now on show to visitors with their mother in the public viewing enclosure.

Birth: 8 May 2006

Two very rare Sumatran Tiger cubs have been born, the first at the zoo since 1988. Their sex is currently unknown, as mother Banda is being allowed to look after them without intrusion. The cubs should be on show to visitors in 4-6 weeks, in the meantime the zoo hopes to show video footage of them in their den with their mother.

Birth: 16 April 2006

A female Brazilian Tapir has been born. Coco is now 5 weeks old and doing well.

Birth: 25 February 2006

A baby Diana Monkey has been born. The parents, Charlie and Kasai, are part of the European breeding programme for this beautiful but endangered species.

Death: 18 February 2006

Paddy the Giraffe has now also died, having finally succumbed to the effects of the smoke he inhaled during last week's fire, despite intensive treatment. The fire is now believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.

The zoo is now looking for new animals through the European breeding programme, with a view to establishing a new breeding group.

Death: 13 February 2006

Following a fire at the Giraffe / Elephant house, the female Girafe Kizi and her week-old baby have died from smoke inhalation. The male, Paddy, survived but is also suffering from the effects of the smoke. The two Elephants are safe and well. The cause of the fire is unknown, but not thought to be suspicious.

Birth: 6 February 2006

A baby Rothschild Giraffe has been born, the fourth for parents Paddy and Kizi.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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