Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

Longthorns, Wareham, Dorset BH20 6HH

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre Details

Arrival: October 2011

Two Marmosets, a 6-month-old female and a 2-year-old male, have arrived, having been seized from a private flat in Plymouth by the RSPCA.

Arrival: January 2011

Kiki, a female Chimpanzee, has arrived following rescue from the Lebanon, where she was kept in a small cage for 9 years. She had originally been taken from the wild as a baby by African hunters who killed the rest of her family to obtain her (an unfortunately common occurrence), then smuggled into the Lebanon.

Arrival: December 2010

An 11-month-old Sumatran Orangutan called Silvestre has arrived from Santillana Zoo, Spain, where he was born. He was abandoned at birth by his mother, then hand-reared by keepers. He has moved to Monkey World so that he can grow up with other Orang-Utans, including other orphans.

Arrival: November 2010

Ten Stump-tailed Macaques, a male called Wilmot and 9 females, have arrived following their retirement after 10 years at an Edinburgh laboratory.

Arrival: August 2010

Oshine, a female Bornean Orang-Utan has arrived, following rescue from a private home in South Africa, where she was kept as a pet for 12 years. She is very overweight and generally unfit and unhealthy, having been fed on sweets and processed food or most of her life.

Birth: March 2010

A baby female Woolly Monkey called Ayla has been born, the first daughter for mum Piquita

Birth: 12 November 2009

A baby male Orang Utan has been born, to parents Hsiao-Quai and Gordon. He has been named Jin, meaning 'handsome' in Chinese.

Birth: March 2009

A baby Golden-Cheeked Gibbon has been born, to parents Peanut and Pung-Yo.

Update: the baby is female and has now been named Tia Nang. The whole family is set to become the first to be released back into the wild from Monkey World, via their rescue centre in Vietnam.

Birth: 31 March 2008

A baby Golden-cheeked Gibbon has been born to mother Zoey, who was rescued from the illegal pet trade in Taiwan, and father Jake, who came from Los Angeles Zoo to join the European Breeding programme for this endangered species. The baby is the second of the species to be born at Monkey World.

Arrival: January 2008

Eighty-eight Capuchin Monkeys have arrived, following rescue from a closed laboratory in Santiago, Chile. Having previously been kept in solitary cages, the monkeys are now being gradually introduced to each other to form natural groups of around 35 in much larger enclosures, and are settling into their new home well.

Birth: November 2007

Another baby Woolly Monkey has been born, the second this year, and half-brother to Julio who was born in May. This one is also being hand-reared since his mother was unable to suckle him.

Arrival: October 2007

A six-month old Marmoset called Marcel has arrived following rescue from cramped conditions in an animal welfare raid in Manchester. He will be gradually introduced to the existing group of other rescued Marmosets.

Arrival: 22 July 2007

A two-year-old orphaned Orang-Utan called Lingga has arrived from the Menagerie de Jardin Des Plantes, Paris, to join the Orang-Utan crèche at Monkey World where orphans from across Europe are raised together under the care of adoptive super-mum A-mei. Lingga was rejected by her mother as a baby, and the keepers hand-reared her and tried for two years to re-integrate her with adults without success. She is already settling in well alongside other youngsters in the group from Russia, Germany and also Monkey World itself.

Birth: April 2006

A baby Woolly Monkey has been born. Named Julio, he was rejected by his mum, Cuna. He will be hand-reared until ready to join one of the two Woolly Monkey groups at Monkey World, in about 2 months time. Only one Woolly Monkey baby in the world has previously been successfully hand-reared, but this one is doing well.

Arrival: March 2006

A baby Orang-Utan called Joy is to come to Monkey World from Moscow Zoo, where she was born. Her mother rejected her, a common happening with mothers that were themselves either orphaned or taken from their mothers; they do not know how to look after their own babies. As part of a European Breeding Programme project, all orphaned Orang-Utans are to be brought up together at Monkey World, where they will hopefully learn from the more experienced mums.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

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