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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Linton Zoological Gardens, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

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Birth: June 2012

This year's baby boom of Owl chicks include 3 Snowy Owls, a Malayan Brown Wood Owl, a Great Grey Owl, and a second Turkmenian Eagle Owl. The latter is being successfully reared by its parents following their rejection of their first chick earlier this year.

Birth: May 2012

A number of Parma Wallaby joeys have been born, and are now emerging from their mother's pouches.

Birth: April 2012

A Turkmenian Eagle Owl chick called Huwi has hatched and is being hand-reared after its mum Rohan failed to look after it properly.

Birth: 29 March 2012

A baby male White-collared Lemur has been born, to mum Harriet.

Arrival: March 2012

Pairs of Kookaburras, Scarlet Macaws, African Grey-necked Crowned Cranes, and Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots have arrived from Leeds Castle aviary, following its closure.

Birth: January 2012

A Red-necked Wallaby joey has been born, and has begun emerging from its mother's pouch. A trio of Wallabies (a male and two females) arrived earlier this year from Woburn, and one of them proved to have a joey in its pouch.

Birth: December 2011

A total of 45 baby Sulcata Giant Tortoises have been born this year, from two clutches of eggs. Laid in March and April, hatching started in August and continued into September.

Birth: 1 October 2011

A male Tapir calf has been born, to parents Tanya (her 12th) and Shannon.

Birth: Summer 2011

Five Wallaby Joeys have been born this year, all fathered by Pogo, the young male who arrived last year.

Birth: 13 May 2011

A baby Mongoose Lemur called Tia has been born to mum Maggie, the first such baby to be born in captivity for 4 years.

Arrival: 18 April 2011

A Victoria Crowned Pigeon (the largest Pigeon species) called Queenie has arrived.

Birth: 16 April 2011

A baby White Collared Lemur called Mirana has been born, to mum Harriet. Great news for this critically endangered species. Linton now has 7 of the 13 of this species in zoos across Europe.

Birth: March 2011

Three Turkmenian Eagle Owl chicks have hatched, and are being hand-reared after being rejected by their inexperienced mother.

Birth: Winter 2011

The Rufous Legged Owls, Brown Wood Owls and Spectacled Owls have all produced chicks.

Arrival: 8 September 2010

A frog of an as yet unidentified species from the Ivory Coast (Africa) has arrived, having stowed away in a box of bananas before being discovered by a market fruit and veg. stall in Cambridge.

Birth: 2 June 2010

A female Brazilian Tapir calf has been born to parents Shannon and Tanya, their 11th.

Arrival: Spring 2010

A young Red Kangaroo called Walter has arrived from Belgium, where his mother rejected him and he had to be hand-reared.

Birth: Spring 2010

Three baby Chaco Owls have been born.

Some Snowy Owls have also hatched.

Arrival: Spring 2010

Walter, a Red Kangaroo, has arrived from Belgium, where he was hand reared after being rejected by his mother.

Birth: Spring 2010

A Spectacled Owl chick has hatched, the first at the zoo since 2006.

Arrival: Spring 2010

A young female Bengal Eagle Owl (also known as a Rock or Indian Eagle Owl) has arrived from the World Owl Trust, Cumbria, to join resident male Angus.

Depart: 1 February 2010

The three Lion cubs, Masai, Zulu and Louisa, born in May 2009, have moved to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. One or more of them may ultimately move on to the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre.

Arrival: January 2010

A pair of Clouded Leopards have arrived

Birth: 20 August 2009

Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins have been born, to parents Kane and Medelin.

Other recent births include Snowy Owls, Red-Bellied Lemurs and Parma Wallabies.

Birth: 16 May 2009

Three African Lion cubs, 2 boys and a girl, have been born to parents Safina and Zuri.

Birth: 22 November 2008

Baby Cotton-top Tamarin twins have been born, to parents Kane and Medelin.

Birth: 19 November 2008

A baby female Brazilian Tapir called Yarah has been born to parents Tanya and Shannon, making their tenth since they arrived in 1990.

Arrival: 22 May 2008

An Elephant Beetle called Billy has arrived, following its discovery in a box of bananas at a London fruit importer.

Update: Billy has now been joined by Betty, a female from a private collection in Germany.

Birth: 13 May 2008

An African Lion cub called Zara has been born to parents Zuri and Safina.

Birth: March 2008

Two White-collared Lemurs have been born, to first-time mum Harriet and experienced mum Hope. This is great news for this critically endangered species, which is ranked as the second rarest primate in the world.

Arrival: February 2008

A young male Cotton-top Tamarin has arrived from Combe Martin Wildlife Park in Devon, to join the existing resident group..

Birth: 7 December 2007

A baby male Red-bellied Lemur called Robin has been born to parents Scarlet (her first) and Teddy

Birth: 21 August 2007

A Southern Ground Hornbill chick has hatched

Birth: 6 August 2007

A Brazilian Tapir calf has been born, to experienced parents Shannon and Tanya.

Birth: 14 June 2007

Two Elongated Tortoises have hatched, from eggs laid on 14 February.

Birth: 9 June 2007

Four Lion cubs (3 males and 1 female) have been born, to parents Riziki and Karla.

Arrival: 18 April 2007

A young male Snow Leopard called Centurio has arrived from Basel Zoo. He should be joined in May by a young female called Lhamo from Dublin Zoo to form a new pair in the International Breeding Programme.

Arrival: 6 April 2007

A pair of Hartmann's Mountain Zebra have arrived from Overloon Zoo in Holland. Named Goya and Hakim, they should soon be joined by another mare from Marwell Zoo. Together, they will form a new group in the international breeding programme for the species.

Birth: April 2007

Baby White-Collared Lemur called Akisa has been born

Arrival: 4 March 2007

A young male African Lion, called Zuri, has arrived from the West Midland safari Park, where he was born on 3 July 2006. He joins Safina, born at Linton on 30 November 2005, in a new enclosure

Summary: December 2006

Other births this year, that have not been individually announced:

Over 40 Sulcata Giant Tortoises, from 5 clutches of eggs

Two baby pancake Tortoises

Two Asian Elongated Tortoises

Amazon Parrots, Macaws, and Owls, including a baby Spectacled Owl

Two Hammercops chicks, the first for the parents.

Birth: 17 May 2006

Baby Western Grey Gentle Lemur born. Only two other collections in Europe have succeeded in breeding this species.

Birth: 7 May 2006

Four African Lion cubs born; three boys and a girl.

Birth: 27 April 2006

Baby female Mongoose Lemur born.

Birth: 19 April 2006

Amur Tiger twins born, the third litter of cubs for mum Deja.

Update: they have now been named Katinka and Makari.

Arrival: 5 April 2006

A female Crowned Lemur called Talata has arrived from Mulhouse Zoo, France, to join the existing male Charlie, as part of an international breeding programme.

Birth: 26 March 2006

Baby male White-collared Lemur born.

Birth: February 2006

Baby Bearded Dragons hatched, and now growing fast.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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