Isle of Wight Zoo

Yaverland Seafront, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8QB

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Isle of Wight Zoo, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Isle of Wight Zoo Details

Birth: Spring 2012

Six Meller's Ducklings have hatched.

Arrival: March 2012

A pair of Common Marmosets have arrived from another zoo that is closing. They are currently in quarantine, but can still be seen by visitors.

Birth: 20 April 2011

A baby Black Lemur has been born, to parents Adala and Mitsio.

Depart: March 2011

Three Meller's Ducks have moved to a new home in Norfolk, to be replaced by a new breeding male.

Arrival: February 2011

A male Giant Jumping Rat has arrived, to join resident female Kirindy, in the hope that they will form a successful new breeding pair.

Birth: 6 July 2010

A pair of baby Meller's Ducks have hatched; good news for this endangered Madagascan species.

Arrival: Summer 2010

A male Black Lemur called Mitzio (also affectionately known as Scrappy) has arrived, to join resident females Adala and Aprilly.

Arrival: January 2010

Casper, a young (three and a half years old) male White Lion, has arrived from West Midlands Safari Park.

Depart: October 2009

Davidson the Brown Capuchin has moved to the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, Berkshire, where he will join a rescued female. He had recently been challenging his brother, Harley, for dominance of the bachelor group, which caused unrest among the rest of the group.

Arrival: Summer 2009

A pair of baby Red Ruffed Lemurs have arrived, to be hand-reared following their rejection at just 1 day old by their mother at another organisation. They are now old enough to be taken for walks around the zoo in harnesses.

The recently arrived Madagascan Jumping Rats and Tenrecs have also produced babies.

Birth: 20 May 2009

Two baby Black and White Ruffed Lemurs have been born, to parents Liberty and Louis. They are likely to remain in the nest box for about 2-3 weeks before being brought out into the main enclosure by their mum.

Arrival: 21 April 2009

A pair of Grey Mouse Lemurs have arrived from Prague Zoo, Czech Republic.

Four greater Madagascan Tenrecs (similar to a hedgehog) have arrived from Zurich Zoo, Switzerland.

Arrival: February 2009

A pair of Parma Wallabies named Wall-E and Eve (brother and sister) have arrived.

Birth: October 2008

A baby female Black Spider Monkey has been born, to mum Ella.

Update (Jan 2009): The baby has now been named Millie.

Arrival: August 2008

A pair of Madagascan Jumping Rats, called Menabe and Kirindy, have arrived as part of the breeding programme for this, the most endangered Madagascan mammal species.

Arrival: 20 March 2008

Two male Vietnamese White-Faced Gibbons have arrived on temporary loan while their enclosure at Paradise Wildlife Park is being rebuilt.

Arrival: 21 February 2008

Eight young Marbled Rain Frogs have arrived from Durrell Wildlife, Jersey.

Arrival: 27 October 2007

Rambo, an 11-year old Siberial/Indian Tiger, has arrived from Florida, USA, following closure of the South Florida Rehabilitation Centre.

Update: Rambo has now been renamed Rajiv.

Birth: October 2007

Several Giant Millipedes have been born.

Death: 1 September 2007

Czarina, the Siberian Tiger, has sadly died , following diagnosis of oral cancer.

Death: 14 August 2007

Natasha, the fifteen-year-old Siberian Tiger has sadly passed away.

Arrival: August 2007

A young female Black and White Ruffed Lemur called Liberty has arrived from Cricket St. Thomas Wildlife Park, to join resident male Louis. Although classified as Endangered and declining in the wild, it is unlikely this pair will be used for breeding as the species is relatively common in zoos and derived from only a few founder animals.

Death: 31 May 2007

Tsavo, the male Serval Cat has unfortunately died. He arrived at the zoo in January 1997, having been confiscated by the authorities from private ownership in Ireland.

Depart: 16 May 2007

Two Serval Cats, Lecutus and Shingi, both females, have been transferred to Marwell Zoo. Nine-year-old Shingi will be introduced to a male for breeding, while Lecutus, at 16, will be integrated into a non-breeding group.

Death: 26 March 2007

Napoleon the Back and White Ruffed Lemur has sadly died of natural causes.

Arrival: 22 January 2007

A group of four Mongoose Lemurs, 3 males and 1 female, have arrived from Linton Zoo. They have been housed in an enclosure adjacent to the Zoo's existing pair, who have taken great interest in their new neighbours. It is hoped that this will encourage them to breed.

Arrival: 6 August 2006

A pair of Mongoose Lemurs have arrived from Linton Zoo. They are part of the European Breeding Programme for this endangered species, and it is hoped that they will breed.

Death: 30 June 2006

Spot the female leopard has sadly had to be put down following the discovery of arthritis in her second hind leg - she had already been suffering from the condition in one hind leg. She had been born at the Zoo on June 1 1990, and was the oldest member of the cat sanctuary.

Arrival: 28 May 2006

Two Black Lemurs, an adult female and her 6 week old baby, have arrived from Dudley Zoo. She is part of the European Breeding Programme for this endangered species, and will be paired with a suitable male fro breeding in due course.

Birth: 6 April 2006

A female baby Ring-Tailed Lemur has been born to mother Tanala. Unfortunately, Tanala has rejected her baby, who is now being hand-reared, a difficult process requiring feeds at 2-hour intervals around the clock.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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