Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park, Alfriston, East Sussex BN26 5QS

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Drusillas Park, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Drusillas Park Details

Birth: 28 May 2012

Two baby Squirrel Monkeys have been born, to separate mothers, and father Little Boy.

Birth: 24 May 2012

Four baby Prairie Dogs have been born.

Birth: 17 May 2012

Emperor Tamarin twins have been born, to mum Lucy.

Birth: 21 April 2012

Fennec Fox twins have been born, to parents Mali and Tabari.

Birth: 17 April 2012

Red-handed Tamarin twins have been born.

Birth: April 2012

Three Humboldt Penguin chicks have hatched. They have been named Gibson, Wallace and Bacon, after the surnames of some of their keepers.

Birth: January 2012

Four Black-Cheeked Lovebird chicks have hatched, good news for this species, which is Africa's most endangered parrot.

Birth: 9 December 2011

A baby male Lar Gibbon has been born to mum Tali.

Birth: 18 November 2011

A baby Black and White Colobus has been born to parents Elgon and Isis, the first of the species to be born at the Park.

Birth: 25 October 2011

A baby Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque has been born, to parents Kendari and Moteck.

Arrival: February 2011

Four Black and White Colobus monkeys have arrived from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Elgan, the male, is accompanied by females Opet, Isis and Hathar.

Arrival: 5 August 2010

Two Binturong have arrived from the Rare Species Conservation Centre in Kent; they are called Penh and Angkor. This rare species is also known as Bearcats, although not related to either bears or cats.

Depart: August 2010

The Diana Monkeys have moved to Parken Zoo, Sweden.

Birth: 10 May 2010

Two baby Sulawesi Black Crested Macaques have been born, to mums (and sisters) Kendari and Jude. The first for the zoo and great news for this Critically Endangered species. The sisters arrived earlier this year from Chester Zoo.

Birth: 27 April 2010

A baby Dwarf Mongoose has been born, to parents Mufasa and Sarabi.

Birth: 19 March 2010

Three Fennec Fox cubs have been born, the first for parents Mali and Tabari, and the zoo. Great news for the species and the European breeding programme.

Birth: 26 February 2010

A baby Silvery Marmoset has been born, to parents Hester and Captain Jack.

Arrival: 11 February 2010

A pair of Red-Bellied Lemurs called Swali and Awa have arrived from Cotswold Wildlife Park. They have taken up residence in the Lemurland walkthrough enclosure with the existing group of Ring-Tailed Lemurs.

Arrival: 31 January 2010

Gem, a young female Meerkat, has arrived from Battersea Park, London, to form a new breeding pair with Inca, a young male who was born at the park in 2008. Inca was rejected by the existing group when he was reintroduced following an illness in November 2009.

Arrival: 28 November 2009

Three Southern Ground Hornbills, parents Jeffery and Gemma and their son Tumelo, have arrived from the Cricket St. Thomas Wilflife Park.

Birth: 25 October 2009

Emperor Tamarin twins have been born, to parents Tiny Tim and Lucy.

Birth: 15 August 2009

A Chilean Flamingo chick has hatched, the first at the park for 5 years.

Birth: 25 April 2009

Twin baby Geoffroy's Marmosets have been born, to parents Calli and Cartman.

Birth: April 2009

Two Humboldt Penguin chicks have been born.

Birth: 16 September 2008

Meerkat twins have been born.

Birth: 29 August 2008

Two baby Asian Short Clawed Otters have been born, to parents Tara and Jambi.

Birth: Summer 2008

More births this year include: two penguin chicks, a baby Saki Monkey, and a baby Geoffroy's Marmoset.

Arrival: June 2008

A pair of Fennec Foxes have arrived. The male, Ascarii, came from the Czech Republic and the female, Mali, came from Augsburg Zoo in Germany. They will remain off-show for the next few months while they undergo their quarantine period.

Birth: 12 April 2008

A baby Emperor Tamarin has been born, to parents Lucy and Tiny Tim.

Birth: 19 March 2008

Cotton-topped Tamarin twins born to parents John and Georgie.

Arrival: February 2008

A young male Chinchilla has arrived from the Mallydams Wood RSPCA Centre, Hastings, after being abandoned by its former owner, and rescued by a dog-walker.

Birth: January 2008

Twin baby Azara's Agoutis have been born, to parents Antonio and Inti. Inti arrived from Shaldon Wildlife Trust in October last year, as part of the European breeding programme for this vulnerable species.

Arrival: Winter 2008

Two Alpacas, called Rufus and Clive, have arrived from Ashdown Llama Park.

Arrival: Autumn 2007

A troop of five Racoons have arrived, to take up residence in a new enclosure in early 2008.

Depart: September 2007

The Wallabies have moved to Hamerton Zoo. Their enclosure will be used for a new walk-through Lemur experience, due to open next year.

Arrival: September 2007

The expected pair of Great Grey Owls has now arrived from Hamerton Zoo.

Birth: 18 July 2007

A baby Saki Monkey has been born.

Arrival: July 2007

Snickers, Diamond and Tori the Llamas have returned following their break while work was carried out on the water treatment plant.

Arrival: Summer 2007

An Argentinean Horned Frog has arrived in Pet World.

Arrival: Summer 2007

A pair of Great Grey Owlets are due to arrive by the end of the summer, to replace Sage and Snuffles the Barn Owls, who are leaving.

Birth: April 2007

Two Kookaburra chicks have hatched.

Birth: Spring 2007

Five Humboldt Penguin chicks have hatched, good news for the International Breeding Programme for this endangered species.

Birth: Spring 2007

Two Kune Kune piglets, called Rusty and Peppa, have been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

Three baby Wallabies have been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

Twin Red-Handed Tamarins have been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

A Potoroo joey has been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

Two Laysan Teal ducklings have hatched.

Birth: 11 March 2007

A Pygmy Goat kid called Jenks has been born.

Birth: 10 March 2007

Two baby Meerkats have been born.

Arrival: January 2007

William, a Green Iguana, has arrived from Noah's Ark Reptile & Animal Rescue Centre in Chichester. He is now housed in an enclosure in the entrance foyer.

Arrival: Winter 2007

Two Indian Ornamental Tarantulas have arrived, donated by the British Tarantula Society.

Arrival: Winter 2007

A family (mum, dad and baby) of Red-ruffed Lemurs have arrived from Dudley Zoo. They will share the outdoor part of their enclosure with the existing Ring-tailed Lemurs.

Birth: 23 October 2006

Baby Silvery Marmoset born

Theft: 18 June 2006

The pair of Silvery Marmosets, Jazz and Captain Jack, and a group of Geoffroy's Marmosets have been stolen. They were, however, recovered by the police 11 days later, along with 14 other monkeys stolen from zoos in Devon and Cambridgeshire.

Arrival: January 2006

A pair of Emperor Tamarins have arrived from Barcelona and Marwell Zoos, being brought together as part a European breeding programme for this endangered species.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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