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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Cotswold Wildlife Park, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Cotswold Wildlife Park Details

Birth: 5 June 2012

A Zebra foal has been born, to proud parents Sarah and Dampy.

Birth: June 2012

Other spring births this year include Ring-tailed Lemurs, Capybara and Mara.

Birth: April 2012

A male baby Black and White Colobus Monkey called Christopher has been born, to parents Kasaka and Anuket.

Arrival: April 2012

Four young Frilled Lizards, a male and 3 females, have arrived from Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

Birth: 18 March 2012

Three baby Meerkats have been born.

Arrival: March 2012

Three female Belted Black and White Ruffed Lemurs have arrived; two from Besancon, France, and one from Prague, Czech Republic.

Birth: 24 February 2012

A baby Emperor Tamarin has been born.

Arrival: February 2012

A male Aldabra Giant Tortoise called Darwin has arrived from the Seychelles. He is the first to be donated by the Seychelles government to the UK. He is 25 years old, quite young for the species, which can live up to 150 years, and becomes the fourth of his species at the Park.

Birth: January 2012

Three Wolverine cubs have been born, to mum Sharapova and dad Sarka. These are the first such cubs to be born in captivity in the UK. They have been given Finnish names: Ensin, Nalka and Niemi.

Birth: December 2011

Two Arapwa Goat kids, a boy and a girl, have been born.

Arrival: August 2011

Two male Long-Nosed Potoroo have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo.

Arrival: July 2011

A group of four Black and White Colobus have arrived from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Kasaka, the male, is 12 years old while Anuket, Heket and Bes, all females, are 4, 4, and 3, respectively.

Birth: July 2011

Four baby Slender-Tailed Meerkats have been born.

Birth: 5 June 2011

Three baby Bactrian Camels, all females, have been born. One of the mums, Tinker, is a first-time mum.

Birth: 3 June 2011

A baby male Chapman's Zebra called Rodney has been born to parents Xena and Spongebob.

Arrival: June 2011

Two male Giraffes called Icarus and J have arrived from Woburn Safari Park, to join residents Wallace and Century and expand the bachelor herd.

Arrival: June 2011

A pair of Swinhoe's Striped Squirrels called Sid and Sadie have arrived from Newquay and Shaldon.

Birth: May 2011

A pair of baby Visayan Warty Pigs called Pebbles and BamBam have been born, to first-time parents Fred and Wilma and also the first of this species to be born at the Park.

Other births this month include a litter of Pouched Rats and at least six Prairie Dogs.

Birth: March 2011

Two baby Arabian Rock Hyrax have been born. The parents themselves only arrived at the Park very recently.

Birth: March 2011

Early spring births this year include three Oryx calves, two Ring-Tailed Lemurs, and a Collared Lemur. Two Roulroul Partridge chicks have also hatched.

Arrival: March 2011

Three female African Crested Porcupines have arrived.

Arrival: February 2011

A new colony of Leafcutter Ants has arrived.

Arrival: January 2011

Other arrivals last year include a female Chapman's Zebra called Stella, and a female Brazilian Tapir called Cali.

Birth: November 2010

A second African Open-Billled Stork chick has hatched, and is again being hand-reared.

Arrival: November 2010

A young male Giant Anteater called Zorio has arrived from Colchester Zoo. He will soon be joined by a young female from Duisberg Zoo, Germany, in the hope that they will form a successful new breeding pair.

Update, January 2011: The female, called Zeta, has now arrived and will be gradually introduced to Zorio.

Arrival: November 2010

A pair of young Clouded Leopards have now gone on show, having arrived earlier in the year from Howletts. The pair are called Moro (the female) and Dali (the male) and are "sharing" the Leopard enclosures, one on-show and one off-show, with Amara the Amur Leopard. The different Leopard species will alternate between the two enclosures, and so only one will be on-show at any given time.

Death: Autumn 2010

Koife, the Giraffe who arrived earlier this year, has sadly and suddenly died. The cause was Acute Giraffe Mortality Syndrome, unfortunately quite a common problem with Giraffe and one for which there are usually no warning symptoms and no answer; the fat around the organs slowly deteriorates until death occurs. Indeed, Koife was eating and behaving normally the evening before.

Birth: 3 September 2010

Two baby Banded Mongoose have been born.

Birth: September 2010

Two Lady Ross' Turaco chicks have hatched, as has a Blue-Winged Kookaburra.

Birth: August 2010

A baby Red-Handed Tamarin has been born. Two Sacred Ibis chicks have also hatched, as have two Black Curassow chicks.

Birth: 28 July 2010

An African Open-Billed Stork has hatched, the first in the UK, and is being hand-reared.

Birth: July 2010

Four baby Yemen Chameleons have been born, the first at the Park. Two Yellow Mongoose have also been born.

Arrival: June 2010

Three male Giraffes have arrived: Century and Koife from Colchester Zoo, and Wallace from Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Birth: 10 April 2010

A baby Red-bellied Lemur has been born.

Birth: April 2010

Pallas Cat kittens have been born, to parents Hopalong and Tsara.

Birth: April 2010

Two baby Oryx, a male and a female, have been born. A Miniature Donkey foal has also been born.

Arrival: March 2010

A 4-year-old male Tapir called Gomez has arrived from Longleat. It is hoped that he will be joined by a mate in the not too distant future.

Arrival: March 2010

A young female Bactrian Camel has arrived from Blackpool Zoo.

Birth: March 2010

Two baby Bactrian Camels have been born, a boy and a girl, to different mothers.

Birth: March 2010

A baby Ring-tailed Lemur has been born.

Arrival: March 2010

Four Humboldt Penguins have arrived from Belfast Zoo, to join the existing group in their newly refurbished enclosure.

Arrival: March 2010

A male Capybara has arrived from Blackpool Zoo, and is gradually being introduced to the resident female, in the hope that they will form a new breeding pair.

Arrival: March 2010

A young male Red Panda has arrived from Chester Zoo. He is too closely related to the much older resident female for them to form a breeding pair, but they should provide each other with companionship.

Death: March 2010

Squidge the female Tapir has sadly had to be put to sleep after she developed a severe infection in her jawbone; she began losing her teeth and could not eat.

Death: 24 February 2010

Jessei, the male Amur Leopard, has sadly had to be put to sleep following a marked deterioration in his arthritis and failing eyesight. He had reached the age of 18 and was probably the oldest Amur Leopard in the world.

Arrival: February 2010

Two more male Crowned Sifakas, called Bafana and Douany, have arrived from Besancon Museum, France. They join the existing male who arrived last year, as part of the European breeding programme for this critically endangered Madagascan primate species.

Birth: February 2010

A Parma Wallaby joey has been born.

Birth: 16 January 2010

A baby male Siamang has been born, the 6th for parents Xhulu and Spindle.

Death: 5 January 2010

Bull, the male White Rhino and the last of the original trio of Rhinos at the park, has sadly had to be put to sleep after a prolonged period of veterinary attention for ailments associated with old age. He had reached the age of 41, a very great age for a Rhino, and had been at the park since 1972.

Arrival: January 2010

A male Pallas Cat called Hopalong has arrived from Howletts, to join Tsara, the existing lone female.

Birth: January 2010

A female Jaguarundi kitten has been born.

Birth: 4 December 2009

A male Zebra foal has been born, to proud parents Dampy and Xena.

Arrival: November 2009

A male Wolverine called Sarka has arrived from Nordens Ark in Sweden, and begun his 6-month quarantine period. He will join Sharapova the female who arrived earlier this year and has now completed her quarantine period and is on show in her new enclosure. They are currently the only Wolverines in England.

Arrival: November 2009

A Lioness called Gir has arrived from Dudley Zoo to join the existing pair.

Arrival: 20 October 2009

Two female White Rhinos have arrived from South Africa, having been captive bred on a game farm.

Birth: 2 September 2009

Six baby Morelet's Crocodiles have hatched, the second successful hatching at the park.

Birth: August 2009

Three baby miniature Ouessant Sheep have been born, to separate mothers, and can be seen in the Children's Farmyard.

Birth: August 2009

A baby Rhinoceros Iguana called Rocky has been born, the first at the Park. He is currently being held off-show.

Depart: August 2009

The female Hornbill has been transferred to Dublin Zoo, to form a pair with their male as part of the European Breeding Programme.

Birth: 22 July 2009

Two more baby Ring Tailed Lemurs (twins) have been born.

Birth: July 2009

Two more Black Storks have hatched, and are doing well.

Arrival: July 2009

Two young male Griffon Vultures have arrived from Colchester Zoo.

Birth: July 2009

Jagurundi kittens have been born, for the second consecutive year.

Birth: July 2009

A second clutch of Blue Bellied Roller chicks have hatched, making a total of five this year. The Park is the only collection in Europe successfully breeding this species.

Arrival: June 2009

A family of Red-bellied Lemurs arrived from Paris Zoo in December, and have now moved into the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit following completion of their quarantine period. This includes an adult male and female, two young males, and a baby that was born on 21 April while in quarantine.

Arrival: June 2009

A male Crowned Sifaka called Youssou has arrived from Besancon Museum in France, and is currently undergoing quarantine before joining the Madagascar exhibit.

Arrival: May 2009

Four male Azara's Agoutis have arrived from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

Birth: May 2009

This spring's births so far include: 4 baby Slender-Tailed Meerkats; 3 baby Otters; twin baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs; a baby Yellow Mongoose; 10 baby Striped Skunks; and several White Stork chicks.

Arrival: 11 April 2009

A female Wolverine has arrived from Moscow Zoo. After completing 6 months quarantine she will go on show in a new woodland enclosure, and should be joined by a male from Nordens Ark in Sweden.

Arrival: April 2009

A young male White Rhinoceros called Monty has arrived from Knowsley Safari Park. He joins Bull, one of the earliest residents of the park, and they should be joined by two young females later this year.

Arrival: April 2009

Two young male Reindeer have arrived from Blackpool Zoo. They will initially be held off-show while they settle in before moving into the Children's Farmyard later this year.

Arrival: February 2009

Six African Openbill Storks have arrived, the only members of this species exhibited in UK zoos.

Arrival: January 2009

A breeding group of Turkish Spiny Mice has arrived from Chester Zoo, and several babies have already been born. This species is only found on one mountainside in Silifke, southern Turkey, and was classified as Critically Endangered in the 1995 IUCN Redlist. When surveyed in 2006, none were found, so the species may well now be extinct in the wild.

Arrival: January 2009

A male Tree Shrew has arrived, and taken up residence in the insect house. It is hoped that a female will join him later in the year.

Birth: January 2009

A baby Crested Gecko has hatched, with hopefully more to follow from the same batch of eggs. This species was thought to have been extinct since 1866 until rediscovered in 1994.

Death: 4 December 2008

The Zebra foal born in August has sadly had to be put down following a badly fractured leg and major loss of blood. How he came to break his leg is not known: he was discovered in this state in the morning having spent the night in his normal stable with his mother and other mares.

Birth: October 2008

A baby female Squirrel Monkey called Lulu has been born. She was unfortunately found very weak on her enclosure floor and is being hand-reared by keepers until she can be returned to the group.

Arrival: October 2008

A group of critically endangered Utilan Iguana have arrived.

A Black Mamba snake has also arrived.

Arrival: September 2008

Groups of Pied Avocets, Black Winged Stilts and Redshanks have arrived. Von Der Deckens Hornbills have also arrived.

Birth: 11 August 2008

A male Chapman's Zebra foal has been born.

Birth: August 2008

Three Jaguarundi kittens have been born.

Arrival: July 2008

A pair of White Faced Saki monkeys have arrived, and have now completed their quarantine period and are on show in the Walled Garden.

Arrival: 10 June 2008

A four-year-old Lar Gibbon called Topoff has arrived from Thrigby Hall, to join the existing young female Jara and hopefully make a new breeding pair.

Birth: 4 June 2008

A baby Siamang called Tiku as been born, the fifth for parents Spindle and Xhulu.

Birth: June 2008

A baby Collared Lemur and baby Ring-tailed Lemur have been born.

Birth: 16 May 2008

Two Bactrian Camels have been born, both females. Mei-Li was born on the 16th, Olivia on the 21st.

Arrival: April 2008

A pair of Striped Skunks have arrived, and have taken up residence in the Children's Farmyard.

Birth: 21 March 2008

A baby Bactrian Camel has been born.

Depart: 12 March 2008

The group of Spider Monkeys, all females but of different sub-species, and therefore not appropriate for breeding, have moved to go into retirement at Reaseheath College, near Chester. Their enclosure will be used for a pair of Purple-Faced Leaf Monkeys.

Sadly Gertie, the last remaining mammal who was resident at the Park when it opened in 1970, was not able to go with her companions: on the morning of their departure, she was found to be very weak and it was decided to euthanase her. The age-related problems from which she had been suffering had finally caught up with her, and she was very unlikely to respond to treatment.

Birth: 12 March 2008

Twin Ring-Tailed Lemurs have been born.

Death: 10 March 2008

Winston, the 30-year-old White-Handed Gibbon, has sadly died of age-related causes.

Arrival: March 2008

Two Purple-Faced Langurs, or Leaf Monkeys, (a female and her youngster) have arrived from Belfast Zoo, and should soon be joined by a male from Twycross Zoo. This species is only found on Sri Lanka and is endangered from habitat loss and other threats. It is also currently only kept by three zoos in Europe.

Arrival: February 2008

Chandra, a male Asiatic Lion, has arrived from Bristol Zoo, to replace Sabu (who died last year) as Akela's mate. Chandra is also Sabu's brother, and was previously resident at the Park in 1994-6.

Birth: February 2008

A Sheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon chick has hatched, the fourth for the parents since their arrival at the Park in 2004. The species is the largest of the Pigeon family, and only lays one egg at a time.

Birth: February 2008

Two baby Arapawa Goats have been born.

Birth: January 2008

Twin White-Lipped Peccary babies have been born.

Arrival: January 2008

A male Greater Bamboo Lemur has arrived to join the resident female, in the hope that they will form a valuable breeding pair for this Critically Endangered species, one of the rarest mammals in the world.

Birth: December 2007

A baby Banded Mongoose has been born.

Arrival: December 2007

A Pudu called Winnie has arrived. One of the world's smallest species of deer, and endangered in the wild.

Birth: December 2007

A baby Green Anaconda has been born, the first for the Park and a rare event in captivity.

Death: 21 November 2007

Sabu, the 13-year-old male Asiatic Lion has sadly died from a viral infection, despite the best efforts of vets and staff to treat him. His partner, Akela, is in good health, but is being kept under observation for signs of similar infection.

Birth: November 2007

A baby Capybara has been born.

Arrival: November 2007

Snowy-Headed Robin Chats have arrived.

Arrival: November 2007

Arapawa Goats have arrived, a new rare breed for the Farmyard area.

Arrival: November 2007

A Parma Wallaby Joey has arrived.

Birth: October 2007

Twelve baby Morelets Crocodiles have been born, the first in the UK. They will go on show early next year.

Birth: June 2007

More births this year: Slender-Tailed Meerkat, Emporer Tamarin, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Humboldt Penguin, Black Stork, Ouessant Sheep, Flamingos.

Birth: April 2007

Two Ring-Tailed Lemurs have been born, to separate mothers.

Arrival: March 2007

A pair of Jaguarondi (a type of small cat) have arrived from Hamerton Zoo. These are the first small cat species to be held at the Park.

Arrival: March 2007

`Tambopata', an 18-month old Linne's Two-toed Sloth, has arrived from Krefeld Zoo, Germany, to join `Kachiri' the existing female in the Tropical House.

Birth: March 2007

`Tikki' the Reticulated Python has laid a clutch of over 44 eggs. The eggs are being incubated off-show, and should hatch in about 3 months.

Arrival: February 2007

Two new lemur species have arrived from Blackpool Zoo: 4 Ring-Tailed and 3 Black. These are destined for the new walk-through Madagascan exhibit currently under construction, but are currently on display in a temporary enclosure in the Walled Garden.

Opening: February 2007

The Insect House refurbishment has now been completed, and the butterflies are back.

Birth: February 2007

The Oriental Small Clawed Otters, Archie and Ellie, have produced another litter of cubs, the fifth for Ellie in the four years she has been ta the Park.

Arrival: February 2007

Two young (13 weeks) British Giant Rabbits have arrived from Dudley Zoo.

Open: February 2007

The narrow gauge railway track has now been extended, to form a complete circuit, and resulting in a longer ride and hopefully less queuing on busy days.

Open: 25 August 2006

Wolf Wood enclosure officially opened, and is now home to four Canadian Timber Wolves. The enclosure features a wooden walkway for visitors leading to a sheltered viewing platform.

Open: August 2006

The new Water Garden in the Walled Garden is nearly complete, and is now open to visitors. The new animal enclosures are not yet occupied, but the pool with waterfall has been stocked with Koi Carp.

Open: May 2006

The pair of Great Indian Hornbills are now back in their enclosure in the Walled Garden. The height of their aviary has been increased, which may help to stimulate breeding activity.

Arrival: March 2006

A pair of Linne's Two-toed Sloths have arrived from Hamerton Zoological Park, and are now housed in the walk-through Tropical House.

Open: March 2006

A new enclosure has been built in the Barn of the Farmyard area, to house a group of Brown Rats. The display should allow visitors an insight into the lives of these much misunderstood animals, and show the true nature of these highly intelligent creatures.

Birth: December 2005

A baby Red-handed Tamarin has been born. The parents are part of a European Breeding Programme for this endangered species.

Birth: 18 June 2005

The Reticulated Python eggs, laid on 22 March, have begun to hatch. The hatching should be completed over the next 8 days. The young snakes will be passed on to other collections in the UK and Europe.

The Jungle Carpet Pythons have also started to hatch, and the Blotched Python has started to lay eggs.

Open: Spring 2005

Five new aviaries opened in a woodland area near the narrow gauge railway `Bradwell Grove' station. They will house a number of species, especially of the pheasant family.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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