Blackpool Zoo and Dinosaur Safari

East Park Drive, Blackpool, Lancashire FY3 8PP

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Blackpool Zoo and Dinosaur Safari, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Blackpool Zoo and Dinosaur Safari Details

Arrival: May 2012

A pack of 5 Iberian Wolves, a male called Diago and 4 females, have arrived from Woburn Safari Park.

Birth: May 2012

Spring births this year include goat kids, Lemurs, Colobus Monkeys, Reindeer and a Sitatunga.

Arrival: 20 February 2012

A female Giant Anteater called Andina has arrived from Madris Zoo. A male will be joining her shortly from Sweden.

Birth: June 2011

Several baby Guinea Pigs have been born, and can be seen in the old Children's Zoo area.

Birth: June 2011

Two Magellanic Penguin chicks have hatched, the first of this species for the zoo.

Depart: 5 June 2010

Timber, the young (18 months old ) male Giraffe has moved to Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire.

Birth: 7 May 2010

A baby Western Lowland Gorilla has been born, to mum Miliki and dad Bukavu. The baby is yet to be sexed, and therefore named.

Birth: 6 May 2010

A baby Pileated Gibbon has been born, to mum Ivy, the first such birth at the zoo..

Birth: April 2010

Six baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs and a baby Spider Monkey have been born.

Arrival: 1 February 2010

A male Amur Tiger called Zambar has arrived from Marwell Zoo. He should soon be joined by a female from Whipsnade.

Birth: 9 April 2009

Three female Lion cubs have been born, to parents Gillian and Wallace.

Arrival: April 2009

A group of Magellanic Penguins, including males and females of breeding age and jeuveniles, have arrived from Madrid Zoo and Selwo Wildlife park, Spain, to take up residence in the new Penguin Pool which is due to be officially opened in July. This marks the return of Penguins to Blackpool after an absence of over 12 years, and Blackpool is one of only 5 zoos in Europe to keep this species of Penguin.

Birth: March 2009

A baby female Bactrian Camel has been born.

Birth: 1 December 2008

A baby male Giraffe has been born, to mother Quiver, who was already pregnant when she arrived in July.

Arrival: August 2008

A pair of Aardvarks have arrived, from zoos in Denmark and Holland. They have been named Laurel and Arnie.

Arrival: August 2008

A young male Lion called Wallace has arrived from Longleat Safari Park, to complete the pride with the existing females and hopefully breed.

Arrival: July 2008

Three female Giraffes have arrived from Fota, near Cork, Ireland. They are named Caoimhe (pronounced Quiver), Ciara and Siabdh (Sive).

Birth: May 2008

This year's baby boom continues with another Reindeer calf, two Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys, and an Emu.

Birth: April 2008

Recent births include:

A baby Bongo called Kamili,

A baby de Brazza Monkey,

Baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs,

A baby Silvery Marmoset,

A baby Red River Hog,

Four Reindeer calves.

Arrival: April 2008

Recent arrivals include:

A female Great Grey Owl from Chester Zoo, to join the existing male,

Two White Agile Wallabies, two Capybara, and some Blue-Crowned Conures from other UK zoos,

A female Zebra called Helene from Prague Zoo, to join Lucas and Bettie the resident Hartmanns Zebras.

Arrival: September 2007

Miffy, a young (and still growing) Giant Rabbit has arrived in the Children's Zoo.

Arrival: September 2007

A young Iguana has arrived, following its discovery by customs at the airport while being smuggled into the country.

Birth: 29 August 2007

A baby Yacare Caiman has been born. This was a surprise to the keepers, who thought that the adults were both female - the species is notoriously difficult to identify as male or female.

Update: the baby has now been named Gordon Ramsay - thought appropriate since he (assuming it is a boy!) is currently living in the reptile kitchen area and snaps at everyone!

Arrival: 2 August 2007

Three lionesses have arrived from Blair Drummond Safari Park to join resident Negus. They are now housed in the newly refurbished enclosure (formerly the Tiger enclosure; Jagasar the Amur Tiger has moved across into the old lion enclosure) with waterfall and glass-fronted viewing huts.

Birth: 6 May 2007

Three female baby Red River Hogs, called Apple, Ruby and Cherry, have been born to parents Scarlet and Raff.

Birth: April 2007

The two baby donkeys born in March have now been named Miles and Piers, after Blackpool's Golden Mile and its piers.

Birth: Spring 2007

A third baby Mediterranean Donkey called George has been born.

Birth: Spring 2007

A baby Bongo has been born.

Birth: March 2007

Two baby Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys born, to father Danny and mothers Amanda and Gemma.

Birth: March 2007

Baby Llama born

Birth: March 2007

Baby Pygmy Marmosets born

Birth: 25 February 2007

Baby male Bactrian Camel born, called Kamali, to mother Tibet. In the wild, Bactrian Camels are among the top ten most endangered species, with only about 950 surviving in Mongolia and China.

Depart: February 2007

The two European otters have gone to join breeding programmes at two other collections.

Arrival: February 2007

A pair of Asian short-clawed otters have arrived, and are waiting to take the place of the departed European otters in their newly refurbished enclosure.

Arrival: February 2007

A breeding group of Dwarf Mongooses have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo and taken up residence in the newly refurbished Semi Nocturnal House.

Arrival: January 2007

A male Bactrian Camel, Sid, has recently arrived from Blair Drummond Wildlife Park, to join the existing 4 adult females. These were also joined late last year by the birth of a baby female, Karamay, who has now been successfully re-integrated into the group after being hand reared by keepers following rejection by her mother.

Arrival: 24 December 2006

Male Knue Kune Pig, called Rudolph, has arrived in the children's zoo, having been saved from slaughter as an unwanted pet.

Depart: December 2006

Six young male Reindeer have departed for the Highland Wildlife Park. All of the births in 2006 were male, following an all female year in 2005, and could not all be kept in the herd.

Birth: Summer 2006

Baby Bongo, Kora, born.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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