Banham Zoo

The Grove, Banham, Norfolk NR16 2HE

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Banham Zoo, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Banham Zoo Details

Birth: 18 June 2012

A Snow Leopard cub has been born, to parents Rocky and Enif. A second cub was also born , but was small and weak, and did not survive. The remaining cub is healthy and doing well. Mum and cub will initially be off-show during the first few weeks, but visitors will be able to see their progress via CCTV.

Birth: 17 May 2012

A male Suffolk Punch foal called Bazoo York has been born, mum Bazoo Roxanne's second foal.

Birth: Summer 2010

A baby male Giraffe has been born, the second baby for mum Fiona and the first male to be born in the group.

Birth: May 2010

Three Snow Leopard cubs have been born to parents Rocky and Enif. Two of the cubs are female, the other is male.

Birth: Spring 2009

A number of primate babies have been born so far this year, including: a Saki Monkey, Colobus Monkey, Goeldi's Monkey, Emperor Tamarin, Golden Lion Tamarin, Golden Headed Lion Tamarin. Pygmy Marmoset, Geoffroy's Marmoset, and a Siamang Gibbon.

Several other species have also produced babies, including Meerkats, Llamas, Goats, and Kangaroos..

Birth: December 2008

A baby Giraffe has been born, the second at the zoo this year, but the first for mum Fiona. This time keeper intervention is not required as mum is looking after her baby well.

Birth: December 2008

Four Cheetah cubs, 2 males and 2 females, have been born., the first for the zoo.

Birth: 17 October 2008

Two Amur (Siberian) Tiger cubs have been born, to mother Malyshka. The sexes of the cubs are not yet known , as Malyshka is being very protective of her cubs. However, CCTV cameras have been installed, allowing the keepers to monitor the cubs' progress with disturbing them. A feed to a TV screen in one of the public viewing shelters has also been provided, to allow visitors to see the cubs too. The births are great news for this critically endangered species, with only about 450-500 left in the wild.

Birth: 21 June 2008

A Suffolk Punch foal called Bazoo Ufford has been born, the third for mum Blush. Mother and foal will be off-show until mid-July.

Birth: May 2008

The latest primate births include: Howler Monkey, Ring-tailed Lemur, Western Gentle Lemur, Goeldi's Monkey, Pygmy Marmoset, Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin, Golden Lion Tamarins (twins), and Emperor Tamarins (twins).

Birth: 14 March 2008

A female baby Giraffe has been born, to mum `Aisling'. The first for both mother and zoo, the baby has been named `Ruby', in celebration of the zoo's 40th anniversary. Unfortunately, `Aisling' was nervous of the new arrival and would not let her feed, an event not unusual with first-time mothers, so the baby is being hand-reared by keepers.

Arrival: July 2007

A young Kinkajou called Sparky has arrived, from a private collection where it was hand-reared following its birth in September 2006. Kinkajous are natives of the South American forests, and are under threat from hunting and habitat destruction.

Arrival: January 2007

A young female Bactrian Camel called `Scrummy' has arrived from the Welsh Mountain Zoo. She had been born there in February 2006.

Birth: December 2006

Three baby Asian Short-Clawed Otters have been born, the first for the zoo.

Arrival: 17 October 2006

Female Amur (Siberian) Tiger called Malyshka arrived from Chelyabinsk Zoo in Russia, to join breeding male Mischa.

Birth: Summer 2006

Extremely rare Sri Lankan Leopard cubs born.

Birth: 24 March 2006

Black-footed Penguin born.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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