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Here at, we have several different advertising opportunities that you could use to promote your business:

Animal Attractions

All animal-related visitor attractions on this site are carried within our directories free of charge. If you are involved with running a suitable attraction that is not already included, and can provide authoritative information, then please contact us with details.

Places to Eat and Places to Stay

If you own, or run, either a place to eat, such as a restaurant, pub, etc., or a place to stay, such as an hotel, guest house, etc., in the vicinity of one or more of the attractions listed on this site, then advertise your business here to encourage visitors to that attraction to also visit you. We have standard packages for advertising on our attraction details pages, described in detail below. By advertising with us, you will also be helping wild animal conservation, since 3% of your fee will be donated to conservation charities, as described on our home page.

Other Opportunities

Advertising on the attraction details pages is reserved for the places to eat and stay associated with each attraction, using our standard packages described below. We are, however, willing to accept advertising on other pages of the site, and within our newsletter. We can also provide access for existing advertisers to our subscribers for direct e-mail advertisements, subject to additional conditions. The rates for this additional advertising are subject to negotiation, depending on such factors as where you want your advert placed, how big it is, and how long you want it to run for. Please contact us with details of your requirements, and make us an offer!

Standard Packages

Full Package: from £85 per year

The full advertising package consists of:

  • A single page advertisement giving full details of your business such as facilities for customers, opening hours, typical prices, etc. This page can also include one or more photographs, supplied by yourself, and a link to your website, if you have one. Click here to view an example.
  • Directions section (on your main advert page) giving details of how visitors to the attraction can get to your establishment. Please supply details of how to reach you from your major approach routes when you apply. We will then complete the directions from the attraction.
  • A single advert panel on the attractions page of your choice, in the 'Places to Eat' or 'Places to Stay' section. Where your chosen attraction has a news archive page, your advert panel will also appear there, too. This panel includes your business name, its location, a small version of your main photogaph, and a short description to encourage visitors, as shown below. The panel is linked to your main advert page.
    Advertise your business on
  • Up to 4 minor content updates per year. This allows you to make limited changes to you advert panel(s) and/or details page, for example to change your opening hours, or advertised prices, or to add, update, or remove details of special offers. Additional or more extensive updates will be subject to a fee of £20 each: supply us with details of your required changes, and we will confirm whether they count as a minor update, or will be subject to the update fee. In the latter case, we will not proceed with the update until we receive your payment.

The position of your advert panel(s) on your selected attraction page(s) is determined by the time we receive your application: the sooner you apply, the higher up the column of panels your advert will be. Apply quickly and beat your competitors by obtaining a more prominent position!

Basic Package: from £65 per year

The basic advertising package is generally similar to the full package described above, but is restricted to:

  • A single advert panel on the attractions page (including any news archive) of your choice, in the 'Places to Eat' or 'Places to Stay' section, as described for the full package above. This panel will, however, be linked directly to your own website.
  • Up to 4 minor content updates per year, as described for the full package above.


Additional Panels: £25 per year

Additional advert panels are also available, for both packages, to allow you to associate your business either with more than one attraction, or have a panel in both the 'Places to Eat' and 'Places to Stay' sections of a single attraction, or both. This also includes additional directions section(s), where appropriate. Fee: £25 per year, for each additional panel.

Note: For further panels to count as additional to a basic package, they must link to the same page of your website as your first panel, otherwise they will attract the full basic package fee.

Advertise on

Special Offers

20% Introductory Discount for the first panels on each page!

Since this website is very new, and will therefore take time to build web traffic, we are making the following introductory offer, to encourage you to advertise with us: if you are the first advertiser in a column on a particular attraction page, then you will receive a 20% discount on your first year's fee for that advert panel! Thus by applying quickly, not only do you beat your competition and achieve the best position for your advertisement(s), but you could also save money! The two advert columns on each attraction page are treated independently for this offer; both the first 'place to eat' and the first 'place to stay' will each receive this discount.

If you purchase our full package, complete with a full page advert, and the advert panel for your closest (or only) attraction qualifies for this discount, then the discount will also apply to your full page advert too!

Note: The absence of other adverts on your chosen attraction page(s) at the time of your application does not guarantee that your application will qualify for this offer; another application may already be in progress. You will be notified of your success in qualifying for this offer in your invoice. If you pay for your advertising prior to receiving your invoice, any difference will be either requested in that invoice, or refunded, as appropriate.

20% Discount if your website is hosted by us!

If your website is hosted and managed through our standard service (including the discounted design version described below), then you will receive a 20% discount off all of your advertising fees for this site, provided that your website features the same business that you wish to advertise here. This is a long term offer, and will also apply to your annual renewal fees, for as long your website remains with If you also qualify for our introductory offer described above, then both discounts will apply, and you could get up to 40% off your first year's fees!

If your website is not already hosted by us, please see for full details of our website design, hosting and management services, and associated fees, and we will be happy to provide a quote to transfer your site to our service to take advantage of this offer.

Additional Services

Business Photography Service

We assume that you can supply any photographs to be included in your advertisement (please ensure that you own or have sufficient licence to the copyright in such photographs to be able to authorise us to publish them on our site). However, we can supply a photographer to visit your business for a fee of £50 plus travelling expenses. Please contact us for a firm quotation if you are interested in this service.

Note: This service is provided at a substantial discount from the regular Aardstorm fees, but includes the restriction that the resulting photographs can only be used for your advert on this site. See for our standard photography fees for other or additional purposes.

Website Design, Hosting and Management Service

If you do not already have a website of your own to promote your business, we can also supply a number of simple web hosting options. You are welcome to use your main advert page as your website, either by promoting its address (such as: directly, or by purchasing a suitable web address through one of the many domain name suppliers and redirecting it to your page. However, this page includes the standard site header and navigation facilities, etc. To avoid this, we can supply a simple semi-custom advertising web site for the following fees:

  • Initial set-up/design fee: £100 for first page + £25 per additional page
  • Site hosting fee: from £30 per month
  • Post-design update fee: £20 per update unit.

These prices are based on the standard Aardstorm website design and hosting fees, with a discount on the design fees. This discount only applies where your website is essentially a copy of your advertisement on this site, spread if necessary across several pages; if you want a more extensive or customised site, then the normal fees will apply. Please see for full details of our website design, hosting and management services, and associated fees.

How to Apply

To advertise your business on this site using either our full or basic packages, and associate it with one or more of our listed attractions:

  1. Submit your details using the online application form here, or supply the equivalent information by post to the address given on the contact us page.
  2. Supply any additional promotional information (such as photographs, advert text, etc.) on paper or CDROM by post.
  3. If you have opted for the full package, we will then create your main advertisement page and add it to our site within a few days. For both package types, we will also create a sample of your advert panel for placement on your chosen attraction pages. However, at this point we will not place your advert panel(s) on any attraction page(s).
  4. We will then send you an invoice for the appropriate fees, together with instructions on how you can view your main advert page and/or sample advert panel.
  5. You should then check the advertisement, inform us of any corrections, and pay the fees due within 30 days of the invoice date.
  6. Once we receive your payment, we will place your advert panel(s) on your selected attraction page(s) within 3 working days. Your advert will then be fully live on our system, and your first advertising period will start.

If you do not pay within the specified period, your advertisement will be removed from our site, until we receive payment. This will also affect the position of your advert panels; their position will now be determined by your time of payment rather than time of application.

You may also enclose full payment with your order, or pay online prior to receiving your invoice. In this case, we will send you a receipt instead of an invoice at step 4 above, and if you are not completely satisfied with your advert, you may cancel your order within 30 days of the receipt date, and receive a full refund.

The application process for our web hosting service is similar, except that you will be supplied with a firm quotation and invoice for 50% of the set-up and first year fees on receipt of your application and full supporting information. We will only proceed with implementing your web site once we have received this deposit. You will be invoiced for the remaining fees once your site is completed. See for full details of how to apply for our website design, hosting and management services.

Note: All prices on this page exclude VAT (Aardstorm is not yet registered for VAT purposes, and cannot therefore collect VAT).