Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary

Caehopkin, Abercrave, Swansea Valley, South Wales, SA9 1UD

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary Details

Arrival: September 2011

Bili a Chimpanzee has arrived, after 15 years alone in his cage in Stara Zagora Zoo, Bulgaria.

Arrival: 14 June 2011

A Crab Eating Macaque has arrived, following his discovery as a stowaway on a cargo ship from Malaysia to Felixstowe. He has been named Sinbad after his seafaring adventures.

Arrival: 6 November 2010

A pair of Chimpanzees called Bimbo (male) and Konda (female), both in their thirties, have arrived from a private zoo in Lubeck, Germany that is closing. The chimps had been rescued 20 years earlier from a circus.

Arrival: 3 April 2009

Two Baboons and a Mona Monkey have arrived, following rescue from Beirut.

Arrival: 18 March 2009

Two Chimpanzees, called Joey and Tubman, have arrived from the now closed Mole Hall Wildlife Park.

Arrival: April 2008

Two Black Mangabeys called Alf and Adam have arrived from an animal sanctuary in Belgium, after their previous owner became unable to keep them. A female Japanese Macaque (Snow Monkey) called Julie has also arrived from the same sanctuary.

Arrival: December 2007

Pozzi, a 17 year old Crab Eating Macaque has arrived from a laboratory in Graal in southern France. He is settling in well and getting accustomed to his new spacious accommodation.

Arrival: June 2007

Ronnie, a 19 year old male Chimpanzee has arrived from the Zoom Erlebniswelt Zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. He will spend six months in quarantine and is getting on well with Freddie and Nakima, who are sharing his quarantine quarters.

Arrival: November 2006

A group of 7 monkeys, including Baboons, Vervets, and a Macaque have arrived following rescue from a `pet shop' in Beirut.

Arrival: Autumn 2006

Nakima, a female Chimpanzee, has arrived from Belgium. She will go through her six months' quarantine period in the company of Freddie, one of the sanctuary's existing males.

Arrival: 2006

A group of 7 Baboons and a Green Monkey have arrived from Faro Zoo, Portugal.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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