South Lakes Safari Zoo

Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8JR

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for South Lakes Safari Zoo, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

South Lakes Safari Zoo Details

Birth: 11 March 2012

A baby female Babirusa called Cinta (pronounced chinta) has been born, to mum Nakula, who was herself born at the park in 2007.

Birth: 17 November 2011

A baby White Rhinoceros called Indiana has been born, to mum Ntombi

Arrival: 5 August 2011

A group of Shelduck, Sharp Winged Teal and Mandarin Ducks have arrived from Martin Mere WWT, to join the existing flocks of waterfowl of the same and other species.

Birth: 27 July 2011

Emperor Tamarin twins have been born, to mum Barbara.

Arrival: 5 July 2011

Two male Red Kangaroos have arrived from Holland, to join the existing mob of females.

Birth: May 2011

Recent Lemur births include: a baby male Belted Ruffed Lemur to mum Maelle; a baby male Black & White Ruffed Lemur to mum Izzy; and baby female Black & White Ruffed Lemurs to mums Jane and Hannah.

Arrival: December 2010

Three Siberian Chipmunks have arrived, and taken residence in the primate house.

Birth: 7 September 2010

A female Sumatran Tiger cub called Kadi has been born, the first at the park, to parents Alisha and Padang. Great news for this Critically Endangered species; with only around 350 left in the wild, and few in captivity, it is the most endangered of Tiger species.

Arrival: 14 July 2010

A pair of Jaguars has arrived. Saka, the male, was born in May 2009 at Le Parc des Felins, France. Bonita, the female, was born in November 2009 at Saarbrucken Zoo, Germany.

Birth: 5 July 2010

A baby Lowland Paca (a type of large rodent) has been born.

Arrival: 6 April 2010

A female Giant Otter called Tupi has arrived from Leipzig Zoo. She will hopefully be joined by a mate in the near future.

Arrival: 6 April 2010

A group of Black Howler Monkeys have arrived.

Arrival: April 2009

A group of young Flamingos have arrived.

Death: 8 December 2008

A total of 31 Lemurs of several species, including Ring Tailed, Red Ruffed, White Fronted Brown, and Black, have sadly died as a result of a fire in one of the Lemur houses. The Lemurs are normally allowed to roam free around the park, but unfortunately had been locked in to protect them from cold weather. Thirteen Lemurs from the affected house were saved, including Belted Ruffed and Alaotran Gentle, but the fire engulfed the house too quickly and the remainder perished.

The park still has Lemurs of 8 different species, including 30 Ring Tailed.

Birth: 11 September 2008

A second baby White Rhino has been born, to mum Tala. This one's a boy and has been named Zimba.

Birth: 1 June 2008

A baby White Rhino has been born to mum Ntombi.

Update: the calf is female and has been named Nyala.

Birth: May 2008

Two baby Reindeer have been born, to mums Prancer and Dasher who only arrived at the Park in March.

Arrival: March 2008

Two female and one male Reindeer have arrived from Rhenen Zoo in the Netherlands.

Birth: December 2007

Black-Footed Penguin chicks have hatched.

Birth: 25 November 2007

Twin baby Emperor Tamarins have been born.

Birth: November 2007

More Otter cubs have been born.

Birth: September 2007

More births:

Twin Babirusa piglets have been born, one of the most important births in the Park's history.

Another Ring Tailed Lemur, making 13 this year.

Macaw chicks have hatched.

Birth: July 2007

White-Fronted Brown Lemur twins have been born, the first babies of this species at the Park.

More baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs have been born, making a total of 12 this year.

Two more Grey Kangaroo joeys born, making 8 this year.

Three Red Kangaroo joeys have been born.

Two more White-Fronted Wallaby joeys born, making 12 this year.

Two Agile Rock Wallaby joeys born.

Two Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby joeys born.

Birth: 4 June 2007

Baby Aloatran Gentle Lemur has been born.

Arrival: June 2007

A male Aloatran Gentle Lemur has arrived from Mulhouse, France, to form a second pair.

Arrival: June 2007

A young female African Lion has arrived, following rescue by authorities in Europe from a circus where she was being badly treated.

Birth: 26 May 2007

Baby Coatis have been born.

Arrival: 14 April 2007

A male Andean Bear called Snoopy has arrived from France to join the existing 4 females.

Arrival: April 2007

A young female Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby has arrived from Holland, to join the existing group of 7 of this extremely rare species.

Birth: April 2007

Sacred Ibis and White Stork chicks hatched.

More lemur babies born: 4 Black & White Ruffed, and 2 Red Ruffed

Six Grey Kangaroo joeys born.

10 White Fronted Wallaby joeys born

3 baby Otters born.

Birth: Spring 2007

Nine baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs have been born, to 6 different mothers.

Birth: Spring 2007

Two baby Black Lemurs, the first for the park, have been born, to different mothers.

Arrival: Spring 2007

Three Orange Rumped Agoutis have arrived from Switzerland to form a new breeding group.

Birth: 3 March 2007

Female baby Babirusa born. The second for the Park.

Arrival: March 2007

Two Emperor Tamarins have arrived from the Czech Republic and Denmark, to form a new breeding pair.

Arrival: 16 October 2006

Two young Giraffes called Sillan and Sentanta have arrived.

Arrival: Autumn 2006

Eleven African Spurred Tortoises (the 3rd largest species) have arrived from the Netherlands, having been confiscated by the authorities there as illegal pets.

Birth: June 2006

A very rare Aloatran Gentle Lemur has been born. This species is critically endangered and one of the rarest on the planet.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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