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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Port Lympne Reserve, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

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Birth: July 2012

A Defassa Waterbuck calf has been born, joining the massive baby boom of hoofstock at the Park. Other recent births include baby Eland, Red Lechwe, BArasingha, and Sambar.

Birth: July 2012

A female baby Eastern Black Rhino has been born, to first-time mum Nyasa.

Birth: July 2012

A baby Greater Bamboo Lemur has been born, to first-time mum Belle (Manantena) and dad Zig. Great news for this critically endangered species, with only around 500 left in the wild.

Birth: July 2012

A baby Dusky (or Spectacled) Langur has been born

Depart: June 2012

Three Eastern Black Rhinos, 2 females called Grumetia and Zawadi, and male Monduli, have moved to a heavily guarded reserve in Tanzania, for reintroduction to the wild. With only around 800 of this, the most endangered of the Rhino subspecies left in the wild, the trio will give the wild population a much needed boost.

Birth: April 2012

Two Eland (one of the largest species of Antelope) calves have been born, to separate mothers.

Depart: April 2012

Layla and Jabir, the Barbary Lions, have moved to Howletts Wild Animal Park.

Birth: 26 February 2012

A baby Western Lowland Gorilla has been born, to parents Mumba (her 3rd) and Djala (his 15th).

Arrival: February 2012

A female Greater Bamboo Lemur (also known as the Madagascan Panda due to its reliance on bamboo for food) has arrived from France. She is called Manantena.

Birth: January 2012

Another baby male Malayan Tapir called Manado has been born, the second in just 4 months, this time to mum Malacca. Hunter is the father to both.

Birth: January 2012

A baby Black and White Colobus Monkey has been born. Its sex won't be known until it's old enough to be separated from its mum.

Birth: October 2011

A baby Defassa Waterbuck and a baby European Bison have been born, within a couple of days of each other.

Birth: 17 September 2011

Two Red River Hog piglets, brother and sister, have been born to first-time parents Maarta and Chiwanda.

Arrival: September 2011

Janu and Juva, two young bull Elephants, have arrived from Howletts, where they were born, to learn from resident mature bull Kruger.

Birth: September 2011

A baby male Malayan Tapir called Kejutan has been born to parents Lidaeng and Hunter, mum's second and the 9th for the Park.

Arrival: August 2010

A 3-year-old male Binturong (a type of Civet) called Watt has arrived.

Birth: 27 June 2010

Siberian Tiger cub twins, both female, have been born to parents Tugar and Ingrid. They have been named Zaria and Roza.

Birth: April 2010

Margay kitten twins have been born to mum Ququm and dad Balancanche, their 5th litter and believed to be the first twins to be born in Europe.

Birth: 25 December 2009

A baby female Black Rhino called Nyota has been born, to mum Vuyu and dad Kingo.

Birth: September 2009

A litter of Brown Hyena cubs has been born, the first in the UK. Brown Hyenas are smaller and much rarer than their Spotted cousins; there are only about 10,000 left in the wild, and about 100 in captivity worldwide.

Birth: May 2009

A baby Western Lowland Gorilla has been born, to mum Mumba and dad Djala.

Birth: May 2009

Two baby Guinea Baboons have been born, and five more are imminent.

Arrival: April 2009

A pair of Brown Hyenas have arrived from Prague, the first in the UK for over 15 years.

Birth: February 2009

A baby female Debrazza Monkey has been born to mum Bamboo. She is being hand reared by keepers after a difficult birth, ending a caesarean section, left her mother unable to show the usual maternal instincts. It is hoped that she will rejoin her mother and the rest of the troop after a few months.

Birth: 19 October 2008

A baby female Drill (a type of Baboon) has been born, to parents Bibundi and Gorbi. This is Bibundi's third baby in as many years and is great news for this endangered species, which is threatened by habitat loss in the wild.

Birth: April 2008

A female baby Western Lowland Gorilla called Tiya has been born, to parents Tamki and Djala. She is being hand-reared by keepers at Howletts after unfortunately being rejected by her mother, who was also hand-reared.

Birth: February 2008

A baby male Malayan Tapir called Copasih has been born to mother Lidaeng.

Other births include: an Agouti, a Blackbuck Antelope, and a Red Lechwe calf.

Arrival: December 2007

Yoda, a six year old male Red Panda has arrived from Blackpool Zoo to join the existing (seven year old) female Shu Fang, as part of the international breeding programme for this endangered species.

Birth: December 2007

A baby Black and Gold Howler Monkey has been born, to mother Valerie. It will not be possible to determine the baby's sex until it as weaned.

Arrival: October 2007

A male Rhino Iguana called Brig has arrived from London Zoo. The species is under threat in its native Caribbean Islands due to introduction of non-native species and hunting for food and the pet trade.

Arrival: September 2007

Four male Coatis have arrived.

Arrival: 22 May 2007

A pair of Scottish Wildcats called Sid and Skye have arrived. They are one of Britain's rarest mammals, with only about 400 left in the wild. The original threat to their survival was persecution as a pest as a result of the establishment of gaming estates in the Victorian era. It has since been proved that game birds form only a very small part of their diet, and the biggest threat today is from hybridisation with domestic cats. Port Lympne will be coordinating the Stud Book for this new nationwide breeding programme.

Birth: May 2007

Two female Barbary Lion cubs, called Aswad and Buni, have been born, to parents Saffiya and Suliman. The Barbary Lion only exists in captivity; it has been extinct in the wild since the 1920s. The new babies are therefore important news for the global conservation programme.

Birth: February 2007

A litter of 11 African Hunting Dogs (also known as Cape Hunting Dogs or Painted Dogs) has been born. The species is one of Africa's most endangered mammals, with only around 4000 left in the wild, and still declining.

Birth: February 2007

Baby Howler Monkey born. The mother, Tolkein, successfully underwent an operation 18 months ago to restore her sight, having become totally blind from cataracts as a juvenile.

Birth: December 2006

A female Black Rhino calf has been born, the third for mother Etna.

Arrival/Birth: September 2006

A small herd of Roan Antelope (2 males and 3 females) have arrived from Marwell Zoo, and have moved into the mixed species African Experience enclosure. One of the females has also since given birth to calf.

Death: August 2006

Europe's oldest captive monkey, 33 year old Tamale, a Diana Monkey, has sadly passed away. During her 20 years at Port Lympne, she gave birth to numerous babies, and was a great-grandmother.

Birth: August 2006

Three baby Meerkats have been born, the first since the group of adults arrived in May 2005.

Birth: July 2006

Seven baby Yemen (or Veiled) Chameleons have hatched, and hopefully more will follow.

Birth: July 2006

A baby male Rothschild Giraffe named Karamoja has been born. Mum Amber and her son will soon be joining the rest of the herd in the African Experience enclosure.

Birth: 16 June 2006

A rare Red Panda cub has been born, the third for its mother, Li Yee. Unfortunately, both previous cubs did not survive, but the third has so far been doing well.

Birth: 16 June 2006

Crested Porcupine twins have been born.

Birth: 2 May 2006

A baby Javan Langur (a type of monkey rarely seen in captivity) has been born.

Birth: March 2006

A female baby Drill (a type of baboon) has been born to parents Gorbi and Bibundi, resulting in one of the rarest families on the planet, let alone the UK. The species is one of the most critically endangered in the world, and may become extinct in the wild within ten years, if its decline continues at the present rate.

Birth: 22 February 2006

A female baby Malayan Tapir has been born, the seventh for the park in 15 years.

Birth: January 2006

Two Black Rhino calves have been born in less than a month. The first, a female, was born just before Christmas, and the second, a male, arrived just two weeks later.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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