Paradise Wildlife Park

White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire EN10 7QA

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Paradise Wildlife Park, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Paradise Wildlife Park Details

Birth: Spring 2012

Six baby Meerkats have been born, to mum Twig. Meerkat litters are normally 2 to 4 in size, with 5 being unusual; 6 in one litter is very rare, and mum only gave birth to two others two months ago, and another one two months before that.

Birth: Spring 2012

A baby female Brazilian Tapir called Tamara has been born, to experienced parents Gabrielle (her fourth) and Temuko.

Arrival: July 2010

Recent arrivals include: two young (hand reared) Meerkats, a pair of African Pygmy Hedgehogs, and a young albino Skunk called Pink. A young (six weeks old) Bactrian Camel called Houdini has also arrived following the loss of his mother.

Birth: 4 April 2010

A baby Brazilian Tapir called Thiago has been born, the third for parents Gabriella and Temoko

Arrival: 8 February 2010

A female African Leopard called Sheena has arrived from Santago Leopard Sanctuary.

Birth: February 2010

A baby Emu called Darwin has hatched and is being hand-reared. The father is Bruce, but it is not known which of the females, Sheila or Matilda, is the mother.

Death: 26 December 2009

Ronnie the Burchell's Zebra, one of the paddock's oldest animals, has sadly passed away, leaving behind his mate Dusty.

Birth: 31 October 2009

A baby Cotton-Top Tamarin has been born.

Birth: 29 October 2009

Two baby Silvery Marmosets have been born.

Birth: 26 May 2009

A female Snow Leopard called Hara has been born, the second for parents Kush and Aron.

Birth: 10 April 2009

Two White Lion cubs have been born, to parents Kya and Thabo.

Update: the cubs have been named Izulu (female) and Themba (male).

Birth: 5 April 2009

Ring-Tailed Lemur twins called, Kevin and Lionel, have been born, to parents Edwina and Ringo.

Arrival: 26 June 2008

Zara, a young (about 1 month old) female African Lion cub has arrived from Linton Zoo to be hand-reared. She is on show to the public at selected times in the African Lion House.

Arrival: Autumn 2007

Three pairs of Humboldt Penguins have arrived from Whipsnade Zoo, as part of the EEP Breeding Programme.

Birth: 26 May 2007

A male Reindeer called Dash has been born to mum Twinkle, and is being hand-reared.

Birth: Spring 2007

Two Red Deer fawns, Pretty and Hope, have been born, and are being hand-reared.

A baby Alpaca called Dooley and 4 baby Capybaras have been born

Two baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs, two baby Black & White Lemurs, and a baby Black Lemur called Brutus have been born.

Seven Otter cubs have been born, to parents Cami and Karma.

Three Pallas Cat kittens have been born.

Arrival: 18 March 2007

A pair of young (just under 2 years) White Lions, Nala and Thabo, can now been seen by visitors. They actually arrived at the park 6 months ago from South Africa, but have since been undergoing quarantine.

Birth: 30 January 2007

Female Brazilian Tapir calf born, the first successful offspring for parents Gaby & Temoko.

The calf has now been named Mirari Tinkerbell.

Closure: November 2006

The Jungle Theatre soft play facility has been closed for refurbishment. The new facility should re-open by February 2007.

Birth: September 2006

Four otter pups born.

Birth: August 2006

Male Snow Leopard cub born. He has now also been named Tien-Shan.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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