Highland Wildlife Park

Kincraig, Kingussie, Inverness-shire, PH21 1NL Scotland

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Highland Wildlife Park, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Highland Wildlife Park Details

Birth: July 2012

Three Eastern Kiang (aka Tibetan Wild Ass) foals have been born; 2 females called Tara and Nima and a male called Tenzin. They were born to mums Soba, Boshay and Cin-tsha and dad Kham-Bu.

Birth: July 2012

A male Mishmi Takin calf called Hobbit has been born, to parents Cava and Raci.

Birth: 20 June 2012

A female Turkmenian Markhor (a species of goat) kid called Nettle has been born, to mum Vicky. Great news for this endangred species, with only around 2500 left in the wild.

Birth: June 2012

A total of 13 Red Deer calves have been born this year, the first arriving towards the end of May.

Birth: 31 May 2012

Three European Bison calves have been born. The first, named Glen Garry, was born on May 1, the other two on May 26 and 31. They are the first offspring for Tomek, the Irish-born bull who arrived at the Park last July.

Birth: 26 May 2012

A female Bukhara Deer calf has been born, the third for mum Mariam.

Birth: 25 May 2012

Five European Grey Wolf pups have been born, to parents Elara and Puika.

Arrival: 18 May 2012

A male White-lipped Deer called Andy has arrived from the Scottish Deer Centre, Fife, to join the resident herd of three females.

Birth: 15 May 2012

A European Elk calf, as yet unsexed, has been born to first-time mum Froja, who was herself born at the Park in 2010.

Arrival: May 2012

A 4-year-old female Arctic Fox called Elf has arrived from Holland, to join resident male Houdini.

Birth: 25 April 2012

Three baby Japanese Macaques (Snow Monkeys) have been born, to mums Mang, Djangal and Angara. Anagra is the dominant female of the troop, and is a first-time mum.

Birth: 8 April 2012

Scottish Wildcat kitten twins, called Merida (female) and Brave (male), have been born, to parents Seasaidh and Hamish.

Arrival: April 2012

A male Polar Bear called Arktos has arrived from Hannover Zoo, Germany. At 4 years old he is a similar age to the resident Walker. They will initially be held in separate, but adjacent, enclosures before gradually being introduced to each other.

Arrival: April 2012

A young male Amur Tiger called Marty has arrived from Olomuc Zoo, Czech Republic, to join resident female Dominica.in the hope that they will form a successful breeding pair. Dominica's sister, Natalia, is shortly to move to Lisbon Zoo, Portugal, to join their resident male.

Death: 13 March 2012

Sasha, the 16-year-old female Amur Tiger, has sadly had to be put to sleep, due to a rapid recent deterioration in her health.

Arrival: 14 January 2012

Two female Musk Ox have arrived from Holland. They are mother and daughter and should be joined by a male later this year.

Arrival: Summer 2011

A 4-year-old male European Bison called Tomek has arrived from Fota Wildlife Park, Cork, to join the existing herd of 11 females.

Birth: Summer 2011

A Snowy Owl chick has hatched, and has been successfully reared by its parents.

Arrival: 13 May 2011

Six male Vicugna (pronounced 'vicunya') have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo, where a new breeding herd will be established. This group will act as a reserve pool of breeding males.

Arrival: May 2011

Two Pallas's Cats have arrived from a private collection in Kent. They actually arrived last year, but have only now gone on show in their new enclosure.

Death: 15 April 2011

Mercedes the Polar Bear has sadly had to be put to sleep due to age-related health problems (advanced arthritis and senility, the latter causing her significant confusion and distress) and a recent rapid deterioration in her condition. She was 29-30 years old.

Birth: 23 March 2011

Two baby Scottish Wildcats have been born, to experienced parents Hamish and Seasidh - this is their third litter.

Arrival: 5 November 2010

A young (23 months) male Polar Bear called Walker has arrived from Rhenen Zoo, Holland. He will join resident female Mercedes until he matures in at least 3 years time, when he will be moved to a separate enclosure to become the Park's breeding male. In the meantime it is hoped that Mercedes will act as a mother-figure. The main reason for his move is that his half-sister, Freedom, is expecting another litter and he needed a new home before she retires to her cubbing den.

Arrival: Summer 2010

A 5-year-old male European Grey Wolf called Puika has arrived, to join resident female Elara in the new Wolf Wood enclosure.

Birth: Summer 2010

Other births so far this year include: 2 Mishmi Takin, Bukhara Deer and Red Deer.

Birth: June 2010

A Scottish Wildcat kitten has been born.

Birth: May 2010

Twin European Elk calves have been born, to mum Lisa.

Birth: April 2010

A baby female Snow Monkey called Bishoujo has been born, the second birth at the park since the Snow Monkeys arrived three years ago.

Death: January 2010

The female European Otter has sadly had to be put to sleep. She was very old and had been suffering from ill health for several weeks.

Arrival: 19 October 2009

Mercedes the Polar Bear has arrived from Edinburgh Zoo, and has taken up residence in her huge new 4 acre enclosure.

It is hoped that a male Polar Bear will also eventually join her at the park, but will be kept in a separate, similarly large enclosure; Polar Bears are solitary animals in the wild.

It is also the intention that, when Mercedes eventually dies, she will be replaced by another female, who will then be introduced to the male only during the breeding seasons, replicating the bear's natural behaviour in the wild.

Birth: 11 May 2009

Three Tiger cubs have been born: one male, Vlacimir, and two females, Natalia and Dominika.

Arrival: May 2009

Bactrian Camels have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo, and should be on show within a few weeks.

Birth: Spring 2009

Spring births so far include two baby Japanese Snow Monkeys, a European Elk calf and a Bison calf.

Depart: Spring 2009

Three Wolves have been moved to Edinburgh Zoo. The remaining male has been joined by a female from the Scottish Deer Centre to form a new breeding pair.

Arrival: February 2009

A group of Japanese Serow (a type of small goat-antelope) have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo, to take up residence with the Japanese Macaques.

Arrival: October 2008

Sasha and Yuri the Amur Tigers have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo.

Birth: October 2008

Two Mishmi Takin calves have been born.

Birth: Summer 2008

A total of five Scottish Wildcat kittens have been born, in two litters (of 2 and 3) to two different mothers.

Birth: June 2008

Spring births include: 4 Przewalski foals, 4 Markhor lambs, 1 Urial lamb, and a second Mishmi Takin calf. The Red Deer herd has also started to calf.

Arrival: April 2008

Five female European Forest Reindeer and three Elk have arrived.

Birth: 22 March 2008

A baby Mishmi Takin has been born, to mother Cava. Four more of this unusual and endangered species have also arrived from Germany and Latvia.

Arrival: February 2008

A pair of Red Pandas have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo.

Arrival: February 2008

Two young male Carpathian Lynx have arrived from Chemnitz Zoo, Germany.

Arrival: February 2008

The second group of Japanese Snow Monkeys have arrived and, after an initial period of scrapping to sort out the hierarchy, appear to have settled in.

Arrival: January 2008

More Turkmenian Markhor and Kiang have arrived.

Arrival: January 2008

A group of Mashmi Takin have arrived from Edinburgh Zoo. These animals look like a cross between a Wildebeest, Bison and Moose, and are endangered in the wild due to habitat loss.

Arrival: January 2008

A male Elk has arrived, to join the existing female, Lisa.

Arrival: January 2008

A group of Afghan Urials, a rare type of wild sheep, have arrived

Arrival: January 2008

A group of Himalayan Tahr (similar to a wild goat) have arrived.

Arrival: October 2007

A group of Bukhara Deer (Bactrian Wapiti) have arrived.

Arrival: July 2007

The first group of Japanese Snow Monkeys have now arrived, and will be joined over the coming months by two further groups to bring the total up to around thirty.

Depart: June 2007

The Red Foxes, Soay Sheep, and Highland cow have moved to the Scottish Deer Centre in Fife.

Arrival: June 2007

Turkmenian Markhor and Kiang (Tibetan wild ass) have arrived.

Arrival: April 2007

Four domestic Yak have arrived.

Arrival: April 2007

More European Forest Reindeer have arrived, to join the existing bachelor group started last year.

Depart: March 2007

The badgers have been moved to the British Wildlife Centre near Gatwick, to join 3 young males there.

Birth: March 2007

Both Wild Boar sows have given birth to piglets that are all doing well.

Arrival: February 2007

Two young Bharals (Himalayan Blue Sheep), called `Blue' and `Jacob' have arrived, from Liberec Zoo in the Czech Republic.

Arrival: January 2007

A female otter has arrived from Blackpool Zoo to join the existing male.

Arrival: December 2006

Six male Reindeer have arrived from Blackpool Zoo, to join the existing herd of five in the main reserve.

Depart: September 2006

Two young Przewalski Horse colts, born at the Parks in 2005, have left to start a bachelor herd at Cricket St. Thomas Wildlife Park.

Arrival: April 2006

Four male European Forest Reindeer have arrived from Scandinavia, to form a bachelor group as part of a conservation breeding programme..


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