Dudley Zoological Gardens

2 The Broadway, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4QB

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Dudley Zoological Gardens, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

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Birth: 7 July 2012

Three baby Capybaras have been born, to parents Pumpkin and Peanut.

Birth: 31 May 2012

Two Parma Wallaby joeys have been born, and are now beginning to emerge from their mothers' pouches.

Arrival: 29 May 2012

A group of Black-cheeked Lovebirds have arrived from Bristol Zoo, to join the flock in a new, larger enclosure.

Arrival: 12 May 2012

A male Reindeer called Boy has arrived from Dartmoor Zoological Park, Devon, to join the resident herd of 7 females and 2 males.

Birth: 21 April 2012

Two female baby Reindeer have been born: Fern was born to Maggie-May on 6 April, and Holly was born to Storm on 21 April.

Arrival: 15 February 2012

Two young female Tigers have arrived from Wuppertal Zoo, Germany. Tschuna is an Amur Tiger and is 18 months old, while Daseep is a Sumatran Tiger and 17 months old.

Birth: February 2012

A baby Ring-Tailed Lemur has been born, to parents Phoebe and Frank.

Update: the baby is now known to be a boy, and has been named Sheldon.

Birth: January 2012

Ten Humboldt Penguin chicks have hatched, two of which are being hand-reared by keepers after being rejected by their parents.

Depart: December 2011

Two female Reindeer, Willow and Drizzle, have moved to Chessington World of Adventure.

Birth: December 2011

Two baby Squirrel Monkeys have been born, to mums Stumpy and Mrs Elvis, and dad Oscar.

Birth: December 2011

Four baby Capybaras have been born, to parents Peanut (mum) and Pumpkin (dad).

Birth: 11 November 2011

A baby female Patagonian Mara has been born, to parents Olivia and Martin.

Birth: November 2011

A baby Squirrel Monkey has been born.

Birth: October 2011

19 baby Boa Constrictors have been born.

Birth: September 2011

The many bird births this year include Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Elliiot's Pheasant, Reeves Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Temmink's Tragopan, Vietnamese Pheasant, Waldropp Ibis, Northern Bald Ibis, Mandarin Duck, Chestnut Breasted Teal and Marbled Teal.

Arrival: August 2011

A pair of young Llamas has arrived, and they have been named Lance and Luna.

Arrival: August 2011

A male Toco Toucan has arrived.

Birth: August 2011

A baby Emporer Tamarin called Edwina has been born, to mum Muriel.

Arrival: July 2011

Four male Gelada Baboons have arrived. Three brothers, Fisseh, Femi and Ebanois have come from Zurich, while the fourth, now named Bob, came from Berlin.

Arrival: July 2011

A pair of Yellow-Shouldered Amazon parrots have arrived from Paradise Wildlife Park, Cornwall, as part of a breeding programme.

Arrival: July 2011

Two female Black Howler Monkeys, Abyanni (3) and Alicia (2), have arrived from Twycross Zoo. They should be joined by a male later in the year.

Birth: June 2011

A baby Red Panda has been born, to mum Yasmin.

Update, 21 September: the baby is now known to be female, and has been named Amba.

Birth: June 2011

A female baby Capybara called Pecan has been born, to mum Peanut.

Birth: April 2011

Two litters of Meerkat pups have been born to parents Martin and Mabel over the last five months, bringing the colony to a total of 13.

Birth: April 2011

A female baby Orang Utan called Sprout has been born, to mum Jazz and dad Jurong.

Arrival: April 2011

Two female Giraffes, Josie and Mia, have arrived, from separate Norfolk collections. They join previously lone resident male Kubwa.

Arrival: April 2011

Recent, and previously unannounced, arrivals and births include: an Amur Tiger called Makari, a pair of young Bactrian Camels called Charles and Jamindi, a Lar Gibbon called Luna, four Sulawesi Crested Macaques, Barbary lambs Clover and Thyme, and Icelandic lamb Tigerlily.

Birth: February 2011

A female baby Brazilian Tapir called Tallulah has been born to parents Chico and Meena.

Death: Autumn 2008

Max the Asiatic Lion has sadly died after a short illness. At 15 years he lived to a great old age - most Asiatic Lions only live to about 10.

Birth: Summer 2008

More births this year include: Reindeer, Meerkats, Ducklings and 4 rare Lady Amherst's Pheasants.

Birth: 11 June 2008

A female baby Rothschild's Giraffe called Keyah has been born, to parents Churchill and Kora.

Birth: Spring 2008

14 Humboldt Penguin chicks have hatched.

Arrival: March 2008

Jorong, a 12-year-old male Orang-Utan has arrived from Dublin Zoo, Ireland, to join the resident females Azzimat and Jazz as part of the breeding programme for this highly endangered species.

Birth: 19 August 2007

A female baby Tapir called Isabel has been born, to mother Meena.

Birth: Summer 2007

Tess, the Giant English Rabbit, has given birth to a single baby called Alex.

Birth: Summer 2007

Recent births include: four Icelandic Sheep, two Cameron Sheep, two Parma Wallabies, a Pygmy Marmoset, several Chestnut Breasted Teals, and a number of rare Humboldt Penguin chicks.

Arrival: Summer 2007

Seven young Flamingos have arrived from Flamingo Land, in exchange for four that have been transferred the other way, all as part of the breeding programme for this rare species.

Arrival: Summer 2007

A 26 year old male Cassowary has arrived from Twycross Zoo as part of a conservation project.

Arrival: Summer 2007

Three Meerkats have arrived from a private collection in Shropshire, to take up residence in a newly refurbished enclosure.

Depart: Summer 2007

The two-year-old Sumatran Tiger triplets born at the zoo have left for new homes to take part in the breeding programme for this highly endangered species. Indah has gone to Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kepala has gone to Chester Zoo, and Pendekar has gone to Lisbon Zoo, Portugal.

Arrival: Summer 2007

Following the departure of her children, Sarah the Sumatran Tiger has been swapped with Raika from London Zoo. London Zoo had a genetically important pair of Tigers, but they have never bred, while the pair at Dudley have bred successfully but are no longer genetically important to the species because their children have also started breeding. The two females, who are of similar ages, have therefore been swapped in the hope that two new breeding pairs will be formed.

Arrival: Summer 2007

A female Toco Toucan has arrived from Chessington wildlife Park, and will go on show once has has completed quarantine procedures. A male Red Jungle Fowl and a Female Azure Winged Magpie have also arrived from Chessington, on breeding loan.

Arrival: Summer 2007

A female Snow Leopard called Tangra has arrived from Nordens Ark, Sweden to join Olympus the existing male. This follows the death of Nanga from renal failure earlier this year.

Arrival: Summer 2007

A male Great Grey Owl called Martin has arrived from Cotswold Wildlife Park, as part of a breeding programme.

Birth: Summer 2007

A male Soay lamb has been born to mother Morag. The baby has been named Adam, after the keeper who helped with the birth.

Birth: 1 May 2007

A female baby Reindeer has been born to first-time mum Misty. The baby has been successfully hand-reared by keepers following rejection by its mother.

Depart: Winter 2007

A four-year-old male Reindeer has gone to Blackpool Zoo to strengthed the breeding group there.

Arrival: Winter 2007

A male Scarlet Macaw called Fred has arrived to join existing female Freda as part of the breeding programme for this highly endangered species.

Birth: November 2006

A pair of Giant English rabbits has been born.

Birth: November 2006

A Cameroon lamb has been born. The Cameroon sheep arrived at the zoo earlier in the year.

Birth: Summer 2006

Two Bali Starlings born, the first for the zoo of this species, one of the rarest birds in the world and feared to be extinct in the wild.

Arrival: 2006

Ouessants, the smallest breed of sheep in Europe, at just 50cms at the shoulder, have arrived

Birth: 2006

Eight Red Squirrels born. Some will be sent to other zoos, while others will be released into the wild on Anglesey.

Arrival: 2006

Three White-throated Monitor Lizards arrived at the zoo, following seizure by HM Customs and Excise as illegal imports.

Arrival: Autumn 2005

A pair of White-handed Gibbons arrived, the first to be kept at the zoo for more than 20 years, and are now housed in a new naturalistic enclosure.

Arrival: July 2005

A pair of Yellow Mongoose arrived from Cotswold Wildlife Park, and are now housed in a new enclosure.

Birth: June 2005

Sumatran Tiger triplets born, one female and two males, the latest in a long line of successful births for parents Filon and Sarah.

Depart: June 2005

Young Asian Lions Jetpur and Jasdon left to join new breeding groups at Mulhouse Zoo, France, and Rotterdam.

Open: Spring 2005

Lemur Wood opened, a 1-acre woodland walk-through enclosure housing over 30 Ring-tailed, Collared, Black & White, and Red-ruffed Lemurs.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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