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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Birdworld, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Birdworld Details

Arrival: May 2011

A group of 30 African Penguins have arrived from Living Coast, Torquay, to take up residence in the new Penguin Beach aviary, which will also be home to other species such as Rock Doves and Ibis that are also indigenous to their native South African Robben Island area.

Arrival: May 2011

Three Dwarf Crocodiles have arrived and taken residence in the Underwater World aquarium. They replace the Caiman that have moved to a larger exhibit in another collection.

Birth: May 2011

Two Humboldt Penguin chicks have hatched, and have been named Will and Kate after the Royal newlyweds. Other spring births this year include Choughs, Toco Toucans, soft bills, pigeons, doves and waterfowl.

Birth: December 2008

A female Jenday Conure chick has hatched and is being hand reared.

Arrival: 27 November 2008

A pair of Southern Ground Hornbills have arrived: a 2-year-old female from Marwell Zoo, and a 1-year-old male from Linton Zoo.

Depart: 5 October 2008

One of the Striated Caracara chicks that was born earlier this year has moved to Calderglen Country Park, South Lanarkshire, to establish a new breeding pair. The other is undergoing training for the flying demonstrations.

Birth: 15 September 2008

Three more White-faced Whistling Ducks have hatched.

Birth: 15 August 2008

Five White-faced Whistling Duck ducklings have hatched.

Birth: 12 August 2008

Three Red-Winged Starlings have hatched.

Death: 11 August 2008

One of the female Trumpeter Hornbills and her two chicks have sadly died.

Birth: August 2008

Three more Purple Glossy Starlings have hatched, and are being hand-reared.

Birth: 26 July 2008

Two Crested Guan chicks have hatched, although one, noticeably smaller and weaker than the other, has since (13 Aug) sadly died.

Birth: July 2008

A total of 7 Purple Glossy Starlings have hatched over the last month and are doing well. Several more hatched but failed to survive.

Birth: July 2008

Three Trumpeter Hornbill chicks have hatched, to two sets of parents.

Birth: 9 June 2008

Three Striated Caracara chicks have hatched, although the smallest has since (13 June) died.

Birth: 30 May 2008

Two Red-Winged Starlings have hatched.

Arrival: 1 April 2008

A new male Red-Winged Starling has arrived, to form a second breeding pair with one of the existing females.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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