Photo Collection Copyright Licence

This page contains a copy of the copyright licence supplied with each collection of digital photos supplied for use as computer desktop wallpaper or screen saver images. If you order one or more such collections, whether for download or delivery on CD / DVD, then you will be deemed to have accepted, and agreed to be bound by, the terms of this licence.


This licence applies to the collection of digital photographs with which it is supplied. It must be stored with that collection wherever it is installed, or on whatever media it is copied to for the purposes of backup or transfer of ownership.

The licensee is the person who either originally purchased the collection from, or to whom the rights under this licence were subsequently transferred by sale or gift from the previous licensee.


The entire copyright in all photographs and text in the collection, is retained by Trevor Birch ( at all times throughout the world. No use, copying or distribution of the photographs and text in his collection (including, but not limited to, printing, publication on the Internet or elsewhere, modification, and incorporation into any other file or document) may be made or performed by any person other than by the licensee, who may only use them in the ways specified in this licence.

Permitted Uses

This licence grants the licensee the right to use or copy the photographs in this collection only in the following ways:

  • The licensee may install this collection on any number of computers on which they have a valid user account. A subset of the files in this collection may be installed, but a copy of this licence must be included whenever all or part of this collection is installed. This collection may remain installed on a computer only for as long as the licensee both retains access to that computer and retains ownership of this licence.
  • The installed copies of this collection may be used for personal viewing purposes only. The licensee may convert the supplied files to a different file format only in order to facilitate such viewing.
  • If the licensee subsequently loses the right to use a computer on which they have installed this collection, then this collection must be removed from that computer.
  • The licensee may make a limited number of copies of this collection on removable media for backup purposes, or to transfer their rights under this licence to a new licensee, only.


The current licensee may transfer, by resale or gift, their rights to this collection to one other person, who will then become the new licensee. The current licensee will then lose all rights to this collection, and all copies of this collection must be either passed on to the new licensee or destroyed. All installed copies must also be removed from all computers on which they have been installed.

Applicable Law

This licence shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.