Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Filby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk R29 3DR

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Opening Times

Open all year every day from 10am

Admission Prices



Child (4-14)




Season tickets and group rates also available; see zoo's website for details.

Discount voucher also available from zoo's website.


Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is set admidst the beautiful grounds and gardens of Thrigby Hall, built in 1736. The gardens include the Willow Pattern Garden, which is styled after the famous blue and white `willow pattern' plates. Other special features include elevated walkways and viewing platforms such as the Lime Tree Lookout over the lake and Willow Pattern Garden, and the Tiger Tree Walk over the Tiger's enclosure.

Thrigby Hall is home to many species of animal and is very much committed to conservation and education. It is a `Protector' of the Captive Breeding Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The collection of animals at Thrigby was the first to be signed over in entirety to the Joint Management of Species Programme.

The award-winning Swamp House is home to Chinese and American Alligators, Giant (or Cane) Toads, and a variety of snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Thrigby Hall has two species of big cats; Sumatran Tigers and Clouded Leopards, together with smaller species such as the Leopard Cat and Asian Golden Cat. Thrigby Hall's primate collection includes Javan Brown Langurs, Sulawesi Crested Macaques, White-handed (or Lar) Gibbons, and Siamangs. The large walk-through aviary houses Ibis, Storks, Pheasants and a variety of other birds. A variety of waterfowl are also resident on the lake. Other animals in the collection include Binturong, Babirusa, Red Pandas, Eurasain and Asian Small-clawed Otters, Porcupines, and a selection of other small mammals.

Official Website

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Car Park



Cockatoo Cafe. Otherwise you can picnic wherever you like (except the cafe)

For Kids

Children's play areas,


No dogs or other pets allowed.


Animal Collections

Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians

Note: The animal pictures on this page are merely representative of this type of attraction; they do not mean that the animals can be found at this specific attraction.

Star Animals

Leopards, tigers, red pandas, gibbons, monkeys, crocodiles, alligators, otters, many birds, snakes and many, many more.

Special Attractions

Award winning Swamphouse, Forest House, Tiger Tree Walk, Tiger Tunnel, Walk-through Aviary, Willow Pattern Garden, Lime Tree Lookout.

Other Attractions

Gift shop and adopt an animal.

How To Get There:

By Car

Thrigby Hall can be found just off the A1064, south of the village of Filby just 8 miles outside Great Yarmouth. Follow the brown road signs from the A47 at Acle or from A149 at Caister-on-Sea.

From Great Yarmouth:

Take the A149 north towards and past Caister-on-Sea. Turn left onto A1064 towards Acle, and continue into the village of Filby. At the far end of the village, turn left onto unclassified road to Thrigby and Stokesby. Enter the small village of Thrigby and the entrance to the zoo will be on your left just after the church.

From Norwich:

Follow the A47 east towards Great Yarmouth. In Acle, continue forward at the roundabout onto the A1064 towards Caister-on-Sea. Continue into the village of Filby, and shortly after entering the village, turn right onto unclassified road to Thrigby and Stokesby. Enter the small village of Thrigby and the entrance to the zoo will be on your left just after the church.

Data on this page last updated: Apr 13 2014

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